almost over


nursing school has let's see 2 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

only one more clinical and Not really a clinical because no pt is assigned just going to be shadowing a RN for several hours and help him/her finish there work.

After 13 straight weeks of clinicals with no breaks except Thanksgiving.... I can say I can't wait for this clinical to over for good.

we do have one more time next week but all that is is nursing grand rounds giving the staff bagels and then going out for lunch as a group.



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Congrats for getting to the end.

I wish you well in your future nursing career.

Do the NCLEX as soon as possible ok? :)

Wow, luck you. My journey has just begun. The first semester is coming to a close and I welcome the upcoming break from studies. I am jealous of you, and proud too! I hope I get to be in your shoes someday, it doesn't feel like that day will ever come, though.

Congrats and best wishes for your future as an RN!


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I remember what it was like at the start first semester... It is a long journey and you really have to study like crazy But If I can make it to the end so can you Hard yes... at times you may even say to yourself I quit. Dealing with papers exams clinicals and Nursing Instructors can wear anyone out.

Now I have nurse recruiters to look forward to... I talked with a few at the start of the semester and then I said enough I am not dealing with them again untill school is really over. Some of them can be a real pain.'s never ending, you finally get to graduation and then the recruiters come to razzle you just a little more. I hope you do well on you NCLEX and find much happiness in your new career.

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