March 2018 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner! - page 3

Top 0' the Mornin' to you! It's time for another caption contest. You can win your own pot o' gold - worth $100 (U.S. Dollars)! Fun and easy they say... YEP, IT SURE IS! :yes: Do you think... Read More

  1. by   TigraRN
    Too big of a pot to smoke, now they are suffering from cyclic vomiting.
  2. by   upstatenylpn
    I've heard of Asian Flu and Spanish Flu; Now there's Irish Flu?
  3. by   khemi
    Six banana bags STAT!
  4. by   audreysmagic
    The morning after St. Paddy's at the detox facility...
  5. by   blackmamba123
    Lucky charms and lager doesn't mix at all!
  6. by   blackmamba123
    I told you that wasn't green dye in the corn beef and cabbage!
  7. by   Shevy Writes
    I must really be sick, I think I'm seeing leprechauns!
  8. by   Shevy Writes
    I told you those weren't chocolate coins....!
  9. by   Shevy Writes
    The Lucky Charms commercial that never aired.....I wonder why?
  10. by   Shevy Writes
    Their luck turned. The pastrami did too.
  11. by   Shevy Writes
    I poured out my coins to make room for my green.....Hint: It's not money
  12. by   Shevy Writes
    I'm assuming it wasn't 'magically delicious'.....?
  13. by   Shevy Writes
    I knew that unicorn was up to no good!