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You are free to submit any topic you wish. But, keep the following in mind... We are a social community. All kinds of people visit allnurses. You have access to the same tools they have. ... Read More

  1. by   utem42511
    Thank you for brief orientation it is helpful
  2. by   btihsp
    i dont know how to start,m so confused
  3. by   sirI

    Read the first post on this thread about how to start a topic.
  4. by   lobstersunrise
    The "big green button" isn't actually a link that does anything. Why is this so difficult??
  5. by   sirI
    To start a new topic, go to the forum in which you want to post and look to the left. You will see:


    Click that and follow the instructions to start a new topic.
  6. by   jsmith8145
    Good information
  7. by   misslj86
    How can i start a question
  8. by   sirI
    Quote from misslj86
    How can i start a question
    Welcome to

    Please read the first post in this thread.
  9. by   Herrybraun
    I am new at Allnurses community and found very useful health information here. I appreciate you to provide user to submit new topic at this discussion site.
  10. by   jay_j
    Up to now I have difficulty posting a new thread. That START A NEW TOPIC is the hardest button to find.
  11. by   Helena93
    Thanks for the info... I am still confused, as to how to change the category the topic falls under. I posted one but it posted under a totally wrong category and I don't know how to change it. Thanks.
  12. by   Joe V
    you can report it (click on yellow small icon found in each post) and leave a note as to why you are reporting it

    TIP: When posting a new topic ... visit the section that you want to submit topic into then click the green NEW button.
  13. by   lauren_schindel17
    Can you post from the app?