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  1. by   Grubby PN (SA)
    Hi all from sunny SA, I stumbled on this site by accident some time ago and what a stumble. Its been very informative to read to read all posts. I have encouraged our nurses to read and participate! CONGRATS for this platform. I am a SPN ( Senior Professional Nurse) and work as a Night Control Manager of a 46 bedded hosptal. Have 27 years nursing exp in several aspects of nursing. KEEP GOING PLEASE AN
  2. by   tnbutterfly
    I LOVE reading your personal stories. Keep 'em coming!!
  3. by   NutmeggeRN
    As a school nurse, I TRULY appreciate the reach into my nursing world and other specialties as well. A job well done!

  4. by   gettingbsn2msn
    Brian would have been so proud.
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    Quote from gettingbsn2msn
    Brian would have been so proud.
    He definitely would be!!!
  6. by   Buyer beware
    Quote from Buyer beware
    Congratulations. One million registered members is quite a milestone to cross.
    I know that with that kind of following it also means more revenue opportunities and that is always helpful in paying the bills and helping to facilitate AN as a valuable informational conduit for all present and future nurses.
    And there is no doubt that due to its enormous subscriber base AN will continue to have a substantial influence in the area of nursing education.
    Unfortunately, by runnings the ads of certain schools the site tends to give a tacit imprimatur to those schools that may not be worthy of this valuable passive endorsement.
    I suppose my question is what policies are in place by AN or contemplated to help protect earnest but uniformed students from being exposed to some of the bad actors in nursing higher education today that frequently troll this site seeking new recruits?
    As the saying goes, "with great power comes great resonsibility."
    Again, best wishes for your continued success.
    So I'll take the answer to be none.