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A local school offers a bachelors degree in Allied health with an Associates in nursing upon graduating. They don't offer a BSN.

Should I choose a different school for a BSN? Which degree would help me in the future? One impression I received was that a BSN can be limiting me where I could do more with a bachelors in Allied Health is this true? Thanks for any suggestions


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I don't think it would really matter as such. You can always get a BSN afterward by completing an RN-BSN completion program, which many times only takes a year of additional classes & can a lot of times be taken over the internet. Also, if you plan on getting a masters degree, a lot of times you can get into an accelerated program (RN-MSN) for folks who have Bachelors degrees in majors other than nursing.

I guess whether you get your ADN/BS or BSN really just depends on what you want to do in nursing eventually.

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