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Hi everyone , I am planning on attending an lpn program in New York this fall . Today I went for my titers and tb testing , while there I asked the physician to administer a tetorifice booster as it's a requirement for the program . I explained how I have an allergy to latex and was told to inform my physician about the allergy . When explaining my latex allergy I asked if they would predose me with Benadryl to help me from going into anaphylactic shock . Most of the time with latex I get hives , welts and an itchy throat . However when food is prepared with latex gloves my throat does close and end up in respiratory distress . The physician then explained that the negatives were greater than any benefit and wrote me a note to not vaccinate . I brought it to the school who then said they would probably not be able to place me . I understand the issues with many deciding to not vaccinate but this is not the situation . I will gladly take a precautionary dose of benedryl to be vaccinated but the physician believes this to be dangerous . The school seems to be pushing the idea that I will have to cut my loses and go in a different direction . If anyone has any experience in this please let me know . Or if you are from the Long Island area pleaSe list programs that will accept those with allergies or doctors who will vaccinate those with allergies. I contacted allergists and they don't do tetorifice shots it seems . Thanks for everyone's help !

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I have a latex allergy (mild) and have always managed to get my tetorifice boosters with out issue. I think different manufacturers of the vaccine carry different risk for exposure and some formulations are latex free. I would consult with your physician and/or pharmacist as to options and then take their advice. Good luck!

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Tetorifice vaccines with latex free packaging are not only available but fairly common, I would revisit this with your physician and ask about latex free formulations, if your physician isn't aware that these exist then I would check with other reliable source in your area, urgent care centers often have both standard vaccine formulations and alternative formulations in stock.

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Many Td vaccine manufacturers now make latex free versions. I used to order them al the time when I worked in Family Medicine. I wjust kid highly suggest looking into this further. Contact your local health department.

Thank you , I appreciate all the responses . I am currently looking into getting it done through an immunologist . I'm hoping to find out soon what can be done.

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Definitely check the area for other suppliers. Health departments may be a place to consider as they regularly administer vaccines.

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