ALLEN / PLANO study buddy


Hi everyone, is there any one out there who is getting ready for the nclex RN, who will like to get together for studies, please contact me


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Specializes in OR Internship starting in Jan!!.

Hey there, when are you going to take the NCLEX? When did you graduate? Where did you go to school? Good luck!

caringkay RN

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thaks for your reply, am in allen, an international student, graduated in 2006, please let me know if you are or know anyone who is in allen/plano. I will be taking my exam by january,

Please let me know


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Hi im Anais. Foreign Student... Just graduated March 2008. I am planning to take NCLEX this January too. I will receive my ATT within this month. This will be my first time to take NCLEX, and im anxious...

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