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All periop nurses

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I work in an LD department where we are required to perform our own cesarean sections with no formal OR training, I came here 3 years ago from surgery but it's been 3 years things begin to fade and you start to question yourself! So that being said time of closure when is it, last stich or bandage application and where do I find supporting documentation:confused:

TakeTwoAspirin, MSN, RN, APRN

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At our facility it's dressing on, but that depends on the policy of the facility. I would check the policy where you are and see what the facility interprets it as.

canesdukegirl, BSN, RN

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Surgery end time is when the dressing goes on. The rationale is that the surgical field must still stay sterile while the dressing is applied. Only when the tape is placed over the abd pad can the drapes come down. Of course, the ST must stay sterile until the pt is extubated, but you knew that (sorry, I feel that I must be complete in my explanations sometimes..please don't take offense).

I have looked through AORN, looked through my Alexander's text and looked through my Berry & Kohn's text, and cannot find any supporting documentation regarding this rationale. I do remember this being a question on my CNOR exam, so I find it odd that I can't find anything in the AORN standards.

I was trying to help, but I suppose I didn't do such a great job. :( Sorry!