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All New and Current Columbia SON Students- Brand New Thread

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hi all....

the other columbia thread was getting a little lengthy, and i felt left out as a non-etp program student... so i figured i'd start a thread for all new/current etp/msn students in all phases of their programs. this thread is to discuss questions about the nyc area, programs, classes, student life, and even just to have our own mini-community of cuson nurses!

i guess i'll start by introducing myself.

i am a rn-bsn with 2 years of level iii nicu nursing experience. i am enrolled for the upcoming fall '07 semester as a part-time nnp student. i have always had the desire to further my education, and to learn the "hows" and "whys" of neonatal critical care. i will hopefully be switching to ft next summer. i will be working ft at mschony's nicu starting in july. i'm moving myself from sc back to nj to be a commuting student. i'm getting excited about meeting a new group of people, and even being back in an academic environment...(never thought i'd say it!) i'm kinda depressed about leaving my friends, unit and life here in the south. however, i'm looking forward to the challenges and excellent opportunities this next step will bring me. my goal as a future nnp is to perform neonatal critical care air/ground transport. so i look forward to seeing all of you this fall!!!


dg05, RN

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Hi Stephen,

I'm an ETP student starting at Columbia in a little over a week ! Just wanted to say hello and wish us all luck.



soon to be ETP'er here, as well! can't wait to start in a week! see you all very soon :)

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