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Have you taken algebra online? How was it? My DH is a math wiz, so I have a great tutor right at home. I am more concerned actually if it is doable with A&P? Is the online math a tonne of homework? would it interfere with A&P study time?

Just curious!



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Hi! I'm not sure which college you're at, but at mine the online Algebra class was a breeze! I had taken Algebra in high school, so it was a bit of a refresher course, but I much preferred it over the in-class lecture. Then again, I'd prefer to take ANY class online vs. in person! I'm one to love having class when I want to have it vs. when I'm scheduled to have it.

About taking it with A&P, I believe it's VERY doable! I took A&P with Nutrition, Sociology, and an online Cultural Anthro class and got A's in all! You'll have to be very organized, though!


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I took Algebra with AP I and English class and I think it is doable; especially if you find math easy :nuke:

For me taking the Algebra online was a great idea; it was easier then taking it in the class. I was able to do homework till I did it for an A, I could take every exam twice and all exams were open book.

Are you taking Algebra online using MyMathLab?

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I think they do use would be through Bellingham Technical College in WA state.

I think I will sign up for it. I can always drop it if I find it to hard to do with A&P.



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Do you live in Bellingham? I am :) Right now I am taking prereqs trough Whatcom :)

I wouldn't be surprised if you would be able to take every test twice :) And as you said, you can always drop on the beginning. But I think you should be fine :)

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I am in Ferndale actually.....if the waitlist is really long for BTC, then I will work on the RN pre-reqs and then apply to Whatcom as well! :)

Which classes are you taking right now?


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I just finished AP II :) During summer I am going to take Micro and Psych 100, then in Fall Pre-cal. and Psych 200. After that I am taking long vacation and will apply for Fall 2010 :)

I heard that the waitlist to BTC is a year or so.

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I am taking psych 100 this summer too!! I guess I will see you on the online class!!

I hope to start the part time program in Fall 2010.....we'll see...I am trying to get my pre-reqs done so I can get on the waitlist! They told me the part time is usually easily than full time....most people don't want to take 6 quarters to do it....and only 2 days per week!

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