UAA BSN and nursing in Fairbanks questions

  1. Dear Husband and I are crossing fingers that he gets stationed at Fairbanks for our next move.

    My understanding from the UAA website is that there is a distance learning option in Fairbanks? Does this include the BSN?

    Also, I realize that the job market is tough for new grads everywhere. But DH and I are hoping to put down roots in AK, as this will be his last duty station and our home state (OH) is saturated with nurses. How likely is it that a new grad can find work in Fairbanks? Elsewhere in AK?

    I'm okay with moving from Fairbanks; I just want somewhere nice that I can raise my kids.
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  3. by   jenndavis
    Hello. My husband(currently deployed) and I are stationed here in Fairbanks. UAA has a distance nursing program, but right now its just an ADN. The BSN is only offered through UAA home campus. The nursing program here is offered through CTC of UAF. I don't know much about the job market up here. Fairbanks memorial is the regional hospital and receives wonderful reviews. There is also the hospital on post, Bassett Army Communiy hospital. I love Fairbanks and am sad to leave in August. My husbadn and I are planning on returning one day. The community is awesome and there is always something to do; even when the weather hits -45 like it is right now!
  4. by   RHC81
    Thanks, Jenndavis! Thanks for the info. I wish they had a BSN, but that's ok.

    I have heard so many nice things about Fairbanks, and DH and I love cold. After being stationed in the South for most of his career (we're OCONUS right now), -45 will be a welcome change!

    Best of luck to you, wherever the Army sends you next.