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  1. Hi! I just enrolled into uaa as a pre-nursing student since I just moved here with my husband (military) and i have a few questions about the program. I recieved a packet in the mail and it says that the co-reqs can be done with the core-nursing courses, is that true? one of my fellow cma's says that you have to do the co-reqs first THEN apply for the nursing program. Iam a little confused. please help!! back home it was all put together. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   short1978
    You can do it with the is a ranking system and they only take 32 people each year...once per year. If you dont make it you have to reapply next year.

    You get so many points (was 13 when I went a few years ago) for having all of your General Education classes....then you take the NET (nursing entrance test) and you get 10% of your score (so if you make a 90 you get 9 points) then you get 1 point if you are an LPN, EMT, etc. You get points for your if you have a 4.0 you get 4 points plus an extra 0.5 to any score (so max would be 4.5)

    Then they add all your points and rank the packages of people applying.
    So here is an example of mine:

    I had all classes done .... 13 points
    I had a GPA 4.0 .... 4.5 points
    I had a 98 on NET .... 9.8 points

    Added up: 27.3

    The max you could get was 28 points. So then they looked at everyone's score and took the top 32.

    In our class, and the class before and classes after that I knew pp in EVERYONE that made it had ALL of their classes done. If you didnt you wouldnt make it in.

    it is very hard to make it in unless you have them done.

    My advice, take all of our general classes then apply so that you get max credits. Plus you want to focus on your nursing classes rather than having to do Anatomy or Biology or something while taking them. You will put many many hours in at home working on nursing care plans, doing medication cards, etc.

    I am now working on my RN to BSN through Grand Canyon University online program and relocated out of state with my military husband.

    Good luck and feel free to ask any questions..
    UAA Class of 2008