Starting Nursing School!!

  1. Hey I'm starting nursing school in January. Any tips on how to be prepared or what to expect the first few weeks.!
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  3. by   RN-APNstudent
    Plan on dedicating your life to studying!! Don't slack and don't let yourself get behind, organization is key!
  4. by   crc2015
    Hey! I just started the RN Program this fall.

    My first suggestion is not to focus too much on preparing prior to school starting, just enjoy the time you have before your program starts.

    Secondly, the first day and first few weeks feel overwhelming. It's a lot of information and figuring out the schedules, how the testing works and what all they are expecting you to know.

    Take nursing school day by day. Accomplish what you need to accomplish for THAT day. (Unless you just have a lot of free time). It does get easier as you progress in the program.

    Figure out which learning style works best for you (auditory, recording lectures, making note cards, reading the book...) you want to know pretty quick into the semester which way you learn best.

    Nursing School is extremely "Do-Able". I still work part time, I'm married. I'm making an A in pharmacology and a High B in my foundations class and excelling in my clinical right now. I'm also the VP of the ADN Club & Participate in the national honor society (resume builders for CRNA School later on) and still have PLENTY of free time to enjoy life!

    If you have any other questions just ask! Good luck to you.