1. I'm graduating from an ASD BSN program in MI April 2017. I was thinking of choosing AK as my licensing state. I have lived on and off in AK for about 10 years working in tourism and the veterinary medical field (Juneau + Seward). I know I don't want to work in MI and am considering CA, OR, WA, AK. How quickly do you get your ATT (I believe its called) to take the NCLEX and how quickly do you get licensed? I plan and submitting my $200 payment to PV as soon as I pick a state. I see you also need fingerprints etc and I was going to do that in February during my break. I figure that way the only thing they would be waiting for is my university. Also when should I start applying for jobs? Graduation is in April, I hear it takes about 3 weeks for NCLEX and I'd like to travel for 1 month post grad.. I was thinking I'd be available to work beginning July.

    Any suggestions to a near new grad? I really don't know what I'm doing haha.
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  3. by   ScrubGirl88
    HI! I moved to Anchorage from Tucson Arizona January of 2016. I graduated December 2015, I applied for jobs end of December 2015, and I was able to do over the phone and FaceTime interviews through January and was offered a job end of January 2016. I had already started the Nclex process right after graduation. I took my boards in anchorage Feb 2016 and started working in the providence Nicu the same month as a RN. The process was very fast and has been an amazing ride for me. I know the Nicu hires twice a year , they have already hired for the March 2017 group and will probably start hiring again in august /September for a October start date. I moved here since my husband is military and if you are interested in the Nicu, it is defiantly top notch and a wonderful place to work. I went to nursing school wanting to be a Nicu nurse and by the grace of God i got my dream job first shot. They have an amazing new grad program. If you have any questions about Nclex send me a message. :-)