Moving to Anchorage from texas

  1. Hello!

    I am accepting a position at ANMC and was wondering what the base pay for a nurse II is? I am super excited to be joining the team over there and can not wait! I will be applying for my Alaska nursing license soon, any words of advice?

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  3. by   AKANP

    I am a FNP in Juneau. Give yourself LOTS of time for your license to be processed. I am not sure about the base pay, however, you will be able to have your loans forgiven with the generous loan forgiveness programs. This will augment even a fair base pay rate nicely.

    Good luck!

  4. by   kelsonsa
    How long is lots of time?
  5. by   ScrubGirl88
    I know the starting pay for new grads at Providence is $32. Not sure about other hospitals in town