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  1. I am planning on moving to Alaska in August. I was just wondering if anyone had any information on the current job market there. I am currently working as an ER nurse. I have a little over 1 yr experience and I am also a paramedic. I have applied to both Providence and Mat-Su Regional. I currently work for an HCA facility and I know Alaska Regional is HCA, so I am also going to apply there. Also, any help on where to live near Anchorage would be great. I am looking in the Mat-Su valley area.

    Any help would be great!
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  3. by   rotteluvr31
    I just moved to Anchorage. Initially we thought we would live out in the MatSu area and commute into Anchorage. I am glad it did not work out that way. It is about an hour ride from Anchorage to MatSu. And the road, altho well maintained, does get wind, snow and ice. And moose.

    I have been to MatSu and I think it looks like a very nice, small community hospital. Providence is the big player in town. There is also ANMC here in town. Good luck with your search.
  4. by   willmedic
    Thank you so much for the information. Do you know about the current RN job market in anchorage and surrounding areas? I am an ER nurse and have been for about 1.5 years. I have applied to Mat-Su, Providence and Alaska Regional. Thank you for your help!
  5. by   rotteluvr31
    I don't think that in Anchorage itself the hospitals are hurting to bad. I only say that because someone told me many of them don't have to hire new grads. The hospital I am in is small and growing. I don't know to much about the hiring needs of MatSu. My guess would be that the hospitals that are further out like Soldotna or Fairbanks or anywhere else are probably always looking for good RN's. I would think that with your ER experience you should have a relatively easy time finding a position.
  6. by   Gregsiera This website lists a ton of nursing jobs in AK. Takes a few minutes to get set up, but well worth the effort. hope it helps. I too am planning on going back to AK upon graduation in 2012. I spent about ten yeasr in several areas of the state in the 90's as a law enforcement officer and loved it!
  7. by   romstead
    check out the S.E.A.R.H.C. WEBSITE. it has jobs in south east Alaska.. I am working on the Prince of Wales Island. great place to work and live. small native american medical clinic. with a small ER.. but we are busy. I see whales from my deck... check it out.. and good luck
  8. by   romstead
    Here is the web site for searhc in south east alaska