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  1. Hi, I am an RN married to an active duty soldier. We were stationed in Alaska about 10 years ago (Fairbank area) and are now on our way back (Wasilla area). We knew that we would retire there some day and our some day has finally gotten here! We own some property in Tok and some in Houtson where we plan to build our home. Right now I am an RN Nights Supervisor at a long term care facility in PA. I enjoy the job alot. I was working on a med/surg floor at a local hospital but the patient ratio was 11-14 to one. Can anyone tell me what the ratio is in AK, how the hospital in Palmer is, and how the nursing homes in the area are.

    Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   URanurse
    The hospital in Palmer just recently relocated to a new hospital closer to Wasilla. You can find them on the web as Mat-Su Regional. We still have Palmer Pioneers Home in Palmer. Wasilla has an assisted living at their senior center now and Chugiak has as assisted living also (25 mins from Wasilla). Other than that, Anchorage will be your next place to look. Good luck.
  4. by   akrn70
    Thanks URanurse! I will check out the web site. I would like to work in a hospital if for nothing else the hands on. As much as I love the nursing home and the residents I am not using all the skills I woul like to be. I see all of your speciality areas and was wondering if you could tell me the ration on a med-surg floor? I wouldn't mind that area because of being able to see so much. I would love to work mental health! How is that in the area?
  5. by   URanurse
    It has been over ten years since I have worked Med-Surg so I won't be able to give you a ratio. I do know the patient/nurse ratio is lower at Mat-Su in the Valley than in the Anchorage hospitals. If you are interested in Mental Health nursing you will have to commute to Anchorage.