Z-Coil shoes and UAH clinicals?

  1. I will be transfering from Calhoun CC to UAH this summer, so if I buy any new shoes they need to work for both schools. My mother has found these really awsome shoes Z-Coil's. They are really great for Plantar Faciitis, which I have. If anyone knows the requirements for shoes in the UAH uniform for clinicals and could let me know that would be awsome. These shoes are about $200 and I really don't want to have to buy a pair for Calhoun that will not work for UAH.
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  3. by   sbj101
    Hi Nursetobe2! I am not sure if the z-coils will work or not. When I started clinicals in '07, the dress code was pretty strict on shoes - white shoes with absolutely no coloring (to the extent that we had to use white-out on any colored part of the shoe). Alot of people wore tennis shoes or nursing-specific shoes.
    Even if the Z-Coil's are all white, I am not sure if they would be approved since the heel/coil mechanism stands out. You could call the nursing student office and ask about them. Good luck!
  4. by   heron
    You can have the heel enclosed so the heel spring doesn't show. It's a bit extra money, but worth it, imho, if they work for you. It's a lot of money for a pair of shoes, but I've had mine for six years and only had to replace the heels, which you can do for under $100.
  5. by   Nurseandwife
    I forgot about the heel enclosures! Thanks a ton!
  6. by   jakesgal1904
    I have a co-worker that purchased a pair of z-coil shoes and she loves them! Do they feel that good?
  7. by   Lucy G
    I have been committed to Dansko for years...I cannot wait to try z coils!

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