Who Plans to Apply for Spring/Jan09 RN at Jeff State??

  1. Just curious...Who plans to apply for RN at Jeff State Spring/Jan 09?

    Who did not get in this fall/08?
    how many points did you have?

    Who got in and decided not to accept there place?
    how many points did you have?
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  3. by   magnolia3957
    I did not get in Fall/08 neither pt or ft program. I had 180, 3.04 gpa, BA.
    I plan to apply for Spring/Jan 09. I will take Micro this fall (hopefully make a A to get pts up!!)
  4. by   magnolia3957
    I did not get in. I had 180 pts, 3.04 gpa, BA from UAB. I will take micro this fall and re-apply in Spring 09.
  5. by   brandi29
    i did get in. i had almost all of the available points.. i missed 2 from the compass test but i got accepted to UAB so i will be going there in the fall! I Emailed Tiffany this week so my spot is now open..?

  6. by   happy-go-lucky
    I applied for Fall with 180 pts, perfect Compass score, and 3.88 GPA and still did not get in. I'm taking Micro this summer and so far have a high A. Tiffany said that I should definitely get in for Spring '09 but that not having those BIO 220 pts hurt me. Who knew? However, now that they're on probation until next Summer and could possibly lose their accreditation I'm having second thoughts.
  7. by   AChampion21
    They are on probation? I didn't realize this. What happens if they lose their accreditation while you are attending?
  8. by   happy-go-lucky
    Several friends of mine are currently in the full-time program that shared the news with me. Seems that a certain instructor was not covering materials that they were tested on (ex. ERI tests) and students were failing out even though they had an A in the class. They were put on probation in June. From what I was told, the next two semester classes and their NCLEX test scores will determine whether or not the probation is lifted and they keep their accreditation. I even ran into a student that said she was supposed to graduate, but three days before they told her she didn't pass due to this same problem. Another friend also said he heard that there was a lawsuit that the students had filed against the school because of this. I don't know much about that though since I heard it second hand. But, supposedly, this is how the probation all came about.

    As for how it will affect those that are currently in the program and plan to graduate after the probation deadline...I have no idea. I assume that they will still graduate but have difficulty getting a job if the college is not accredited.
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  9. by   09RN
    Jeff State is NOT under probation. Im in 3rd semester and our teacher came into class and told us that lots of rumors are spreading that we are but its FALSE. The people that we are accredited with will be comming to Jeff State in October. They go to all the schools and this is when they are coming to our school. They do audit the program but this is just a standard visit. A few people from my class has contacted them about this. They also told them that is the school was to go on probation that each student would recieve a letter about it. The state then steps in a changes the program. They have 1 year to change things and then if things are still bad then they lose it. Those that have not graduated they will have to start all over somewhere else. Please get your facts straight before scaring ALOT of people. Im not saying that there arent issues but there has been changes recently in the program. Hopefully they are on the right track. Jeff State was at one time the BEST nursing program around. NCLEX changed their format of questions and style of testing and things need to change to compete with that. As far as ERI the school has a 7year contract so its staying in place. Hopefully they will change the Fail ERI your out rule. But the teachers feel strongly that if you cant pass ERI then you cant pass boards. Nursing school is tough and like no other area you may study. You are dealing with peoples lives! I wish each and every one of you the best in your quest to become a nurse.
  10. by   AChampion21
    Thank you so much for responding. You have cleared up everything for me. I actually checked out the probation stuff and found out it wasn't true. Thanks again.
  11. by   happy-go-lucky
    Thanks so much for clearing that up. My "informant" is also in her 3rd semester of Shelby's FT program. You guys are in class together! She did mention that the instructor said the same things that you mentioned, but that Dr. Black had also confirmed the probation. Oh well! Since several of my Micro buddies heard the same thing, we just kinda assumed it was true. But, my friend did mention that there have been several positive changes to the program (ex. splitting OB/Peds) which made me feel better about things. She even mention that although you guys only have 23/60 that the next semester passed with almost double that. That is great! Thanks again for clearing things up. Sorry if I worried anyone unnecessarily - my bad! But, I'm glad I put it out there so you could give us the inside scoop. Thanks again! **and good luck on your test next Wednesday!**
  12. by   aubman
    I plan on applying for Spring 09. I sure am glad to hear that the rumors about the accreditation are false. I almost considered not applying at Jeff state for that very reason.
  13. by   happy-go-lucky
    Yeah! Maybe we will be in together! Are you applying for FT at Shelby?

    p.s. If Jeff State's accreditation is based on this next class' NCLEX scores, we have nothing to worry about. They are a sharp group!
  14. by   aubman
    Im applying full time at shelby and a couple of other places. It is my first choice but Ill take what I can get. I just hope to get in somewhere.