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O.K. I am so ready for orientation tomorrow and want to know who else is EXCITED? Anybody else coming from the Birmingham area?... Read More

  1. by   VSBlonde
    Can you wear both colors to clinical or is white for clinicals & blue for school check-offs?

    I'm just so excited, bare with me. I have 179pts for the Spring, so I'm really thinking I'm gonna get in & I like to be a bit prepared ahead of time, just knowing some info.
  2. by   swtpea48
    white are for clinicals and blue are for school check offs. Good luck on getting in!
  3. by   VSBlonde
    Quote from justshe
    Well, instead of going to class for the lectures you able to watch them online. I will still attend classes Mon,Tue, and Wed for testing and skills training. The classes begin at 4pm which I really needed because I would have been forced to find another job if I had to attend classes during the day. They warned us repeatedly that these classes are not for everyone and that if you are not super organized to not sign up for these classes.

    Justshe, how does clinicals work if you do the hybrid format? I just got offered a daytime job & they are willing to work with my schedule, but I don't really want to wait a year to do the delayed progression nursing program.
  4. by   justshe
    The clinicals will also be in the evenings. For the first semester they said that there would be only one day of clinicals oer weej and it would be the last five weeks of class at a nursing home. They mentioned that there are some weekend clinicals available also. I also work during the day so this was a big plus for me.
  5. by   VSBlonde
    As much as I hate to say it, I think I'm going to have to wait until next year, I live in Decatur, so I'd drive to Huntsville to work & then Hanceville for school. My husband thinks the drive itself will wear me out, not even factoring in school & clinicals.
  6. by   VSBlonde
    Do you have class every M,T,W...how is that any less class time than a traditional format?
  7. by   justshe
    VS, Its only four hours three days a week.
    The other options would require being there at least 7 hours three days a week and three hours one day a week.So it basically cuts the class time in half.
  8. by   VSBlonde
    I gotcha now!
  9. by   charlquin
    I am now finished with my nursing classes at Wallace. I loved the hybrid program!!! There were only 2 classes that I did not register for hybrid, NUR 105 (which I regretted not being in hybrid) and NUR 204 Fall b/c it was only offered in a traditional day class.

    As far as uniforms go, yes, whites will be used for clinicals but there will be times that the blues will be used also for clinicals and not just skill check offs...such as psych clinicals and precepting. My suggestion is to order more than 1 set each but you can also order more later when needed.

    VSBlonde: I live in the Decatur area and I used to work in Huntsville and drive to Hanceville when I needed to too. It will get better the further you go b/c you will not always be required to drive to Hanceville. Also, be prepared for the first couple weeks of any semester that you start at Wallace will be fast and furious and you will be required to be there even during the day like the traditional day students.

    I hope this helps and it may be information that is a little too late but good luck to all of you!
  10. by   AT2010
    Hey, Charlquin!
    I will be starting the hybrid program at Wallace next week. How do you feel the program was for you? And how were your clinicals, as far as how many days per week, and at what times, and are weekend clinicals available? I work, so I really hope Wallace will be flexible for the clinical portion. Thanks for any help!
  11. by   AT2010
    Hey VSBlonde! Did you get accepted into Wallace Spring RN program? I'm starting classes next week, and wanted to see if you chose the hybrid program.
  12. by   charlquin
    For me hybrid was perfect. I could be comfy and listen to my lectures and if there was anything I needed to hear again....just rewind and listen again. Also, there was no other distractions from fellow classmates and I can set my own break schedule. Oh, and it was easier on the gas budget for the car...not having to drive down as often as traditional day students.

    As far as having questions about material, write them down as you go on another piece of paper and then you can email the instructor with your questions or save them for a time that you do have to meet for skills.

    Clinicals, they say they will work with you but there were times that I got the impression that they really did not want too. Be upfront with what you can and cannot do but try to be flexible. A lot of times you will find that you just have to go with the flow and just make do. Overall, my clinicals were not more than 45 minute drive...I live in Somerville and I had Falkville (nursing home), DHG, DGW, HH, Crestwood, and CRMC.

    How many days a week and the hours will depend on the semester itself and the clinical instructors. For me, 102 clinical was 1 day a week and you had to be there at 6:30am till 4pm I think....it's been awhile. 105 was during the summer and that was 2 days a week and I think it was 9 hrs a day. There were 12 hrs. clinical rotations and Sat. rotations....so, it really just depends.

    And all that can change once you start clinicals. My 203 clinical instructor I never met b/c she ended up with emergency back surgery and she was not able to teach clinicals. So, another CI had to take her place and that requried some reworking of the schedule b/c he was teaching another group of students plus his work schedule. You again, need to be flexible.
  13. by   VSBlonde
    I ended up getting a day time job and I re-took A&P II this past semester ( got an A ) this time to help make myself more competitive. I'm going to be applying for Wallace & Calhoun Fall 2010 admission here in the near future.