Wallace and Jeff State Application Question

  1. So I applied to both schools for fall. Wallace is my safety, I'd prefer Jeff State so I don't have to commute. I do have some concerns with my Jeff State application. I had to get everything together the day apps were due because I didn't know my spring grades would be posted in time to apply for Jeff State's program. I turned in an official copy of my Compass score that I took at Wallace with my application. Does anyone have any experience with transferring scores. I'm just concerned they won't count it as official. Any advice would be awesome. I hate waiting for these letters.

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  3. by   justshe
    I'm not certain about the scores, but I think that should be fine. Your transcript should also list your compass scores so don't worry too much. I too am dreading the wait...I applied at Lawson and Wallace. I've heard lots of good things about Wallace, but like you I am not looking forward to the drive. Until then, I will check the board DAILY...(lol) to see if people are receiving letters....

  4. by   Fashionista1218
    Haha same here!! I mean I know most people said it'll be July but I'm PRAYING they might send them early. My aunt graduated from Wallace a while back and she loved it. But yeah I'm not big on commuting. If you don't mind my asking how many points did you have??
  5. by   justshe
    I don't mind you asking...Im not sure how they count the 11 points that they award at their discretion. I will tell you my grades/scores.
    99 compass reading
    a/p1 a
    a/p2 b
    micro b
    So assuming I get the 11 points I should have 180 points.

    How many do you have?
  6. by   Fashionista1218
    I have 193 for Jeff State and 189 for Wallace. The cutoff for Wallace is normally around 150 I've heard so I think we'll both be fine there. I don't know much about Lawson so I'm not sure about they're cutoff.
  7. by   justshe
    oh...so they compute their points differently? I didn't know that please explain.
  8. by   Fashionista1218
    It's the 3 30 points for A&P 1 and 2 and Micro. 99 for compass. The 11 points at Wallace are for taking Bio 103 and A&P 1 and 2 at Wallace. The 11 points at Jeff state are for taking Math 100 or above and making an A or B. I think that's pretty much the gist of it.
  9. by   jace24
    im in my second semester of nursing school at wallace and im enjoying it...great teachers friendly people. I stayed at the dorm last semester but im driving this summer semester. Its not that bad a drive i live in birmingham....good luck to all of u
  10. by   justshe
    Ok, thanks for the info about the points...and thanks Jace for your words of encouragement. Like I said I've always heard great things about Wallace so the drive would be worth it if I had too...Maybe we can organize a carpool if we end up going there. I look forward to hearing letter stories really really soon..lol
  11. by   VSBlonde
    I'm applying to Wallace for the Spring Nursing admission, after I finish my micro class this summer, I should have 170 at the least.
  12. by   momof3crazyboys
    VSBlonde - you are so gonna make it in!