UAB hiring new graduates

  1. Hello all. I'm soon to finish up an ADN program and have been looking at job openings around the state. On UAB's website, I see plenty about them hiring BSN's, but NOTHING about ADN's. The job listing says that BSN is preferred, but preferred doesn't mean required, right? So you'd think that ADN's are able to fill the positions. I figured all new grads (BSN and ADN) have to go through the nurse residency program they have, but the program requirements says it is open only to BSN's. Any ideas? Any and all help will be appreciated!
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  3. by   RN4S22
    If it says BSN preferred you could still apply for it but if it's says BSN required I don't think you can. Good luck I know it's hard getting a job out there I am a new grad myself in the Huntsville area and I have been looking for about 4 month now and so far no luck.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!
  4. by   bamagt
    The residency programs requires a BSN and you don't have to go through that. The residency program is for people who don't know exactly what they want to do and it allows them to work in more than one area for a couple of weeks. At the end of the program they choose where they want to work.
  5. by   q1w2e3
    BSN preferred, but NOT required. They hire both ADNs and BSNs. In my area, we have 10 new grad new nurses, and of those I think 2 are ADNs and 8 are BSNs.

    Like the above post says, you do NOT have to go through the Intern program. The Intern program is for BSN new grads and is a 5 month tour through various units/floors. The Residency is different - this is for BSN grads and is a year-long series of meetings. Again, this is NOT required.

    Good luck finding a position!
  6. by   OncNurse1
    I went through the BSN Residency program. The main reason for BSN-only in the internship is because it is a "research study/program" so the control group is the BSN population. They want the interns to attend 1 class/month for learning puposes and each intern gets 1CEU for it also. You know UAB and their research
  7. by   Alabama Marine Nurse
    Hi, I am a new RN and just got hired at UAB last month. They are hiring but you really need to sell yourself hard. UAB wants to know that you really want to work for them. Also, if you know anyone that has been working there for awhile ask them to drop your name to the Nurse recruiter for their area of the Hospital. Stay persistent and never give up.

    Good Luck.
  8. by   cpl_dvldog
    I was told by one of their clinical instructors if you have an ADN you must precept there to get hired straight out of school. Otherwise they want a BSN, or an ADN with nursing experience.
  9. by   Calalilynurse
    I just graduated from UAB as a BSN they wouldn't even hire me or most of my classmates. Try St.vincents. UAB is trying to make a move to where they only hire BSNs.
  10. by   link51411
    We just hired 15 new nurses onto our ICU, me being one of them, and only posted 2 of the jobs. the rest were offered to those who precepted or were internal transfers. I was both precepting their and was working as a PCT. All BSNs have to go to the intern classes in the resendency or not, but its nice getting breakfast and paid for chillin. I guess they assume that the BSNs are most likely to go to school to be managers so thats who they want to put their money into keeping in their program.
  11. by   BAMAGIRL4911
    I will be graduating in August and am VERY VERY VERY interested in UAB I dont have any pull there most of my friends work at St. Vincents or brookwood. My husband goes to school at UAB and I plan on going to UAB after I graduate with my ADN to finish my BSN. I am praying that I get my preceptor there so I can at least attempt to leave an impression. I can promise them how ever long they want me for and am willing to do pretty much anything to get hired on..if yall have any suggestions please let me know! all I know for a fact I need to do is precept there...I dont know of anything else I can do. :/
  12. by   BamaBeachbound78
    UAB job postings state BSN preferred or must be willing to sign a contract to return to school.