Troy University Montgomery Campus?

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    I will be applying to the Troy School of Nursing (Montgomery) for spring '08, because I missed the deadline for fall '07. I'm taking my prerequisites this summer and fall at the TUM campus so that I may have those taken care of. Anyone out there know the approximate time it takes to complete the course for ADN? I'm a brand new student, i've never been to college in my life! Are the courses hard? How are the instructors? How hard is it to get accepted into the program? Please someone !
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  3. by   tiff82
    Getting into the program is the easy part but believe me once you are in it gets hard. I just finished my first semester and boy was it tough. The professors there are very helpful but at the same time you must know your stuff. It takes 4 semesters to complete the program.
  4. by   chandlerinitaly
    Hi, I am also interested in the program at the Montgomery campus. I read you just finished the first quarter, how was it? How many students were in your classes? How were your clinicals? What do you think a future student could do to best prepare for nursing school?
  5. by   outkastinme
    I'm at TUM and will start the second to last semester (OB, Peds, Geri) this fall (07). Getting accepted is the easy part, as noted above. From there, it's an uphill process. I won't lie to you, it's hard... but it's do-able and worth it... that's why we're here

    As for how to best prepare... pay attention in A&P and when you get into the actual nursing program read, read, read!!! Find some people who would like to form a study group and study together and compare notes with each other. Also find people to practice check-offs with.

    Clinicals aren't too bad as long as you have your paperwork done and you know your stuff (the "stuff" you learned in check-offs like how to take a B/P, give a bed bath, and then later on giving injections, starting an IV, etc). When I started, my class had 80-something. We now have 60-something. It's not easy, as I said before. But I think it's worth it and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world
  6. by   tencents
    i just received my acceptance for this fall. However, b/c i'm out of state i didn't get it until today!!!! The problem is i missed the deadline to accept. I really hope i didn't miss my chance. If so, i do have a back up plan. Maybe one of you will get my spot
  7. by   nwstdnt
    Thanks everyone for your responses. They were very helpful. Keep me and other hopefuls in your prayers.

  8. by   nurseabby28
    I did not attend TSUM nursing school. However, I did deal with a great number of students from Troy Univeristy, Troy University Montgomery, AUM, as well as Auburn University during my time in critical care. I can say that Troy students were very well prepared for the challenges in the nursing field. I know how tough nursing school can be. When I went through school, I was a single parent to two children and worked full-time. I can tell you that nursing school in itself is tough and unlike anything else you've ever done. It will also be the BEST thing you'll ever do. Anything worth having doesn't come easy, but the rewards at the end make the journey unbelieveably worthwhile. Best of luck to you!!!