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  1. I've been out of nursing school for almost 5 yrs come May 2018. I've been putting off going back to get my BSN because ther are so many core classes that I need to get before I can even start taking BSN classes. I've been told that I have to go back to school before the 5 yr mark or my credits will not be taken. Which makes no sense when I've already completed an associates degree. My question is this something that any of you have come across? I was talking to people that are from Georgia, but I'm wondering if this is true for Georgia colleges. I'm planing on continuing my education in Alabama, my associates is at an Alabama community college.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    It sounds as if they are talking about recency of science courses which is common across nursing schools. As far as I'm concerned the entire concept is nothing more than a ploy to rake in more money from students. Anatomy is anatomy is anatomy, the number of bones in the human body does not change every five years. A student should be treated as if they are professional enough to review and update their knowledge base on their own recognizance instead of milking them for more money every three, five, or seven years.
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    I called the school that I was planning to apply for admission to, JSU in Alabama. They told me that they would accept my science courses, so I got all worked up over nothing. If I had to take them all over again, I'm not so sure I would go back. I already have to take chemistry, which I'm not looking forward to. Of course they'll have to review my transcript and see what they'll accept and what I need to take. All the classes that I've taken are at an Alabama community college, so I hoping they all will transfer. But I think it's crazy that some colleges won't accept science courses that over 5 yrs old. I understand that science does change a lot with all the advancements that they are making, but you shouldn't have to retake classes you already taken especially if you already have a degree. I was looking at Chamberlain college for the RN-BSN program, but I'm worried that if I decide to go back for another degree that their degree won't be acknowleged at other colleges because their coursework isn't the traditional route for a BSN. I wish I would have started taking the prerequisites that I needed a few years ago, but it was overwhelming with the amount of classes I needed to take before I could even get into a RN-BSN program. I need to start somewhere though. Thanks for your reply.
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    Have you checked out Western Governor's? Please look into that one before you put money anywhere.