South Alabama Accelerated BSN Spring 2010 Students

  1. I have been accepted to the accelerated BSN program at South Alabama for the spring 2010 semester, and I was just wondering if anyone else has been accepted. We could all unofficially "meet" before the semester begins and we could ask each other questions concerning the program, etc.

    BTW, I'm Jerry from Mobile, AL, and I'm looking forward to next semester!
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  3. by   m1987brown
    I just got in too
  4. by   m1987brown
    BTW..My name is Melissa, My husband and I just moved here..he is an assistant basketball coach at the university of south alabama
  5. by   imwilson
    Hi. I have been accepted for the Spring 2010 term. I'm from New Orleans. Does anyone know of good housing options out there?
  6. by   JBal
    I would say living in north Daphne or Spanish Fort would be the best option, since most of our clinicals will be in Mobile, but we'll be going to class in Fairhope. My wife and I found a town house in Daphne for $700 a month, which is really good compared to much smaller apartments. You may come out cheaper renting a house, as opposed to renting an apartment if you want more than one room. is a good website for rentals in Daphe and for Spanish Fort. Just type in the city and be sure to click on rentals, and there will be a pretty big list of rental houses, townhouses, and condos. Also http://www.southalabama-coastalaream...sp?rental=true is a good website to find rentals as well. Good luck!
  7. by   JBal
    Also, here is a 1 bedroom apartment at Bay Vista, which I've heard is really nice, for $499 a month. It's in a perfect location for the program too.
  8. by   matthewbullion
    I was just accepted today (waitlisted) - from Orlando, will be moving up the beginning of January. Anyone other people potentially interested in sharing and apartment/house/etc to reduce costs???????

    Name is Matthew
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  9. by   anapier88
    hey, do y'all mind sharing your pre-req gpas? i'm planning on applying to the program next year and i'm just wondering if my grades are competitive.

    also, did they look at any volunteer/work experience for your admission, or just your gpa?

    thanks so much!
  10. by   JBal
    My prereq GPA was a 3.7, but I know a few people who got in with a lower GPA. Unfortunately, GPA is everything. The program is great though. Very strenuous, but managable. Good luck with applying and feel free to ask any questions.

  11. by   lana2010
    Hey Jerry,
    I'm applying to the program starting this July and I wanted to know what is the clinical portion of the program like, do you guys have clinicals everyday? I would appreciate any advice that you wish you would have known before entering the program. Thanks in advance Jerry!! Good luck with the program-2 mos down, 10 more to go!!!!