New grad acls and/or pals

  1. I am trying to think of ways to beef up a new grad resume. Can I go ahead and get my acls and/or pals? Would it make any difference?
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  3. by   8jimi8ICURN
    Yes. Most people will tell you to just wait until your job pays you for it, but if you are motivated, have the time and the money, it won't hurt you. Let me ask you this, are your other classmates doing this? My bet is no, and then that puts you ahead of the bunch. The material is not difficult and if you are interested in, its pretty fun. Another thought might be to do your EMT-B. This puts you in a great position to get into an ER. Those are just my thoughts... i took my ACLS, PALS and EMT-B during the third semester of my ADN program. I'm working on my EMT-I now and just waiting on the BON to generate my ATT, so i can take the nclex and start my new job. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  4. by   alabamagrad
    Thanks I am going to take your advice. Should I just go through the local college or are there any legit online sites.
  5. by   8jimi8ICURN
    Often you can take ACLS or PALS with a hospital. When i was looking i just did a websearch for ACLS in my area. There are also many EMS agencies who teach these classes and that's a great way to find a local EMT school as well! Good luck and have fun studying
  6. by   csmithrn2b
    I live in B'ham, and I went to Tuscaloosa to take my ACLS. The class was for two days, but it was well worth it. They also teach PALS. If you live near or would be interested in going to Tuscaloosa, let me know and I will get you the information
  7. by   alabamagrad
    That would be great info. The local college has class but they spread out over a few weeks.
  8. by   csmithrn2b
    Training USA, 205-339-1218 They are located in the same building as Northport city hall. John Poole, was my instructor. Good luck!