1. I need some honest advice. In out current economy, would it be better to go to school to be an LPN or RN?
    Which license will give you a better chance for jobs opportunities in the current economy? I've heard that many hospitals are cutting costs and are not hiring many new RN grads as they've done in the past? I have not heard much about LPNs in LTC. Any input is greatly appeciated!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    The RN license will always give you a better opportunity for jobs. However, you need to check out the job market in your area and make your plans accordingly. You may find that it doesn't matter which license you obtain, you may have to move, even if it is only one town or one county over. Good luck.
  4. by   greysanatomyfan
    I would say go for the RN. It's only two extra semesters and it will be a greater benefit all around. Hopefully by the time you graduate, the economy will be back on it's feet a little and jobs will be more readily available. It's always good to research your area to see what jobs are available and you can also call the hospitals and ask about new graduate positions. Good Luck in whatever you decided to do!
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  5. by   busylizzy
    Definitely RN, but in this economy, I honestly don't think it matters. At least a doctor's office or nursing homes wants LPN's (cheaper to hire); they're not interested in RN's, and right now hospitals aren't hiring all that much.