Jefferson State Community College Summer 2013 Hopefuls - page 5

Hello All!!!!!!!! I am starting this thread for every student that plans on applying to the nursing program at Jefferson State's Shelby or Jefferson campus or students that are already in the... Read More

  1. by   kayla1762
    I'm sure you can
  2. by   diamalik
    I went to see the advisor and she said that they won't be telling anyone until it has been 4-6 weeks
  3. by   chontell18
    I called shelby and they said they were still working on the apps.
  4. by   ark1992
    @Kayla, did you find out if you got in? If I can go tomorrow and they'll tell me, I definitely will.
  5. by   kayla1762
    I'm not sure?! I went by to see how much longer it would be before we knew something.. She asked my name and looked at a sheet with a bunch of names on it... She said I didn't get in because my gpa was a 2.4, before applications were due she told me I had a 2.5! So idk what the deal is!! Sorry to get everyone's hopes up it seemed like she knew exactly who was in or not!
  6. by   jle922
    Quote from kayla1762
    She has the list in her office, you can go by and find out.. I'm not sure when they will call people.

    Which campus was this?
  7. by   kayla1762
    I was at Jefferson campus
  8. by   jle922
    Quote from kayla1762
    I was at Jefferson campus
    Thanks for replying.
  9. by   ark1992
    That's weird! Sometimes I honestly think the advisors have no idea what they're talking about
  10. by   kayla1762
    I know I agree!!! I think it's weird that the advisors do the applications too!!! But since they obviously aren't done I'm going back up there Thursday and getting her to recalculate my gpa, I would hate to not get in because of a math error on their part!!!
  11. by   ark1992
    Yeah you should, that wouldn't be fair at all!
  12. by   chontell18
    A friend of mine got a rejection letter today has any one else recieved one?
  13. by   diamalik
    Waiting is like the worst part!