Jefferson State Community College Summer 2013 Hopefuls - page 4

Hello All!!!!!!!! I am starting this thread for every student that plans on applying to the nursing program at Jefferson State's Shelby or Jefferson campus or students that are already in the... Read More

  1. by   croberts33
    On my pipeline it says AAS Nursing (Pre-RN).....what does that mean and what does any of yalls say?
  2. by   kayla1762
    I really don't know if whether it says nursing or pre nursing has anything to do with it.
  3. by   ark1992
    Hey everyone! I have an update. The advisor told me that for the summer term 400 people applied (that is Jefferson and Shelby combined) but that we would find out later than usual. She told me they normally have the results and call people by now but that they lost an employee that processed applications and that has slowed down the process. Also, she said they normally accept around 70 people per campus but that is subject to change.
  4. by   ark1992
    One more thing! I asked about the pipeline change and she said that doesn't have anything to do with whether or not we were accepted.
  5. by   kayla1762
    Thanks for the update!! Is that average for summer term? Or is that a lot?! It seems like a lot of people!!! Kinda makes me even more nervous!!
  6. by   ark1992
    Me too! I didn't realize there were that many applicants. But the advisor said that many of them are dropped because they weren't eligible for reasons such as holds on record or transcripts and/or teas not being on file. I felt like 400 people was a lot too but she didn't know whether that was more or less than last summer because she didn't have those statistics. So I don't know, I'm just bummed we have to keep waiting because I was set on knowing by now!
  7. by   103111
    Not sure if pipeline is a good indication if you are accepted or not because mine says Program AS Nursing but it says admitted term Fall 2012-2013. I applied for summer 2013 at the Jefferson campus.
  8. by   103111
    Anybody have an expected graduation date listed?
  9. by   Bsitz
    I have the expected grad date.. but they said it doesnt matter so im not gna use any of that, it matches up with the summer program tho
  10. by   Bsitz
    Nvm i was wrong about the date!
  11. by   103111
    Just checked again and under my student number it says:summer 2012-2013
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  12. by   kayla1762
    She has the list in her office, you can go by and find out.. I'm not sure when they will call people.
  13. by   chontell18
    can you call to find out.