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  1. Hello,
    I applied for Spring 2014 Bsn, and I am so nervous. Is there anybody out there who can tell me how the program is. Hard? Easy? Anything you tell me now will work...I am not bothered about being accepted because I have a decent gpa. I just would like to know how it is. I appreciate your reply. To all of you who applied with me, I wish you good luck as you move a step further of fulfilling your dreams.
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  3. by   Bubbly26
    One of my closest friends attended the JSU nursing program. She found the program very difficult and withdrew from the program and she had a 4.0 gpa.

    I wish you luck though. I attended JSU for undergrad an it was a very tough school.
  4. by   GaPeach'07
    Dear Lord!!! Which semester was that and what year if you don't mind. Just wondering if it has been a long time and whether they have made any changes since then...does anyone else know please? I'm getting nervous now...@ bubbly 26, thank you for your reply.
  5. by   ClusterB
    Hi, there. I am scheduled to graduate from the JSU step program in December of this year. I am in the last of three semesters. I have maintained a 4.0 at JSU. The program is not difficult, but it IS time intense. There are multiple power points, papers, and presentations throughout the program. There is use of a discussion board and talking back and forth with the rest of the class. The summer semester is the worst. There are GROUP projects if you can believe that. This is all online! If you can get through the summer, the final semester seems like a piece of cake. The summer has multiple power points due in each class around the same time. Each semester there is a educational project you must put on for your work place, community setting, etc. You create a power point and educate the people you work with on specific topics. The focus is evidence based practice research. You will learn to write and write well. There is an English competency exam that you will have to take and pass before you graduate. It is offered only ONE TIME a semester. DO NOT DELAY. I missed the last deadline, and had to take it last week. I do not even know if I passed and I will be graduating in December. If you do not pass you have to take remediation writing courses and retest the following semester. This is why you MUST TAKE IT before the semester you plan to graduate. I am literally on pins and needles waiting for the results. The professors are all very approachable and respond to questions quickly. I would do it again. I would just take that test sooner!!!!!!! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  6. by   GaPeach'07
    Thank you so much, Jill, for the fact you said it was not difficult but time consuming just made my day. I think i can deal with the time consuming cos i don't work...I mean, am not expecting a nursing program to be easy like pre-nursing, but when people like you talk, I get my mind conditioned for it. I don't think the one I applied for is all online. I think It's 5 semester no summer. Do you know how many times they go to class in a week?....thanks again! Am sure you will pass the exam you just took, and good luck on you last semester.
  7. by   TRJSU
    I am finishing up my first semester at JSU's nursing program. It's not really difficult, just time-consuming. In my pre-reqs, I made all A's. My grades so far is this term are: Foundations 89, Pharmacology 88, and Assessment 84. Test questions are tricky but passable. I only studied for each test maybe two hours, and my grades showed for it. I've only made 3 A's throughout the semester, the rest were B's. You can do it. Don't stress over it. Here is the level one calendar for spring.http://www.jsu.edu/nursing/PDFs/Calendar1-SP.pdf Good luck!
  8. by   GaPeach'07
    Thank you so much for this closure, TylerRockwell. I appreciate it! Your grades look great to me, but am sure you will get your heart desire. After going through the calendar, I think the program is doable and am ready to make it happen. Thanks again...I am now figuring out how to approach the package that came with my admission letter. I am just overwhelmed, I don't even know where to start. What was the first thing you did when you got your package?
    Thanks...hopefully we shall see next semester!
  9. by   TRJSU
    Be sure to get your CPR appointment set-up ASAP. It takes forever to get your card. Also, get your immunizations ASAP. Some of those can be time consuming, especially TB and Hep. B. It you need any help, feel free to PM or email me. Also, if you need a schedule bill for financial aid or scholarships, be sure to tell them, so they can register you early to get your money!
  10. by   GaPeach'07
    Thanks for letting me know, TylerRockwell. I will make those appointments on monday...I would have loved to email you, but I don't know how to navigate through this site. Please I have some questions if you don't mind...I have CPR card since Jan 2013. Does it matter which school gave it to me? Or where I got it from? As in, must I take the class at JSU? Second question, lol. What is this ATI and how does it work...the last question. Can you email me so I would know how to email you back? I have a lot of question. I don't live in Al (planning to move though) i didn't even do my pre nursing there that's why I have lots of questions. Hope you are enjoying your day. Thanks for helping!
  11. by   TRJSU
    Sorry for the late reply. But, the CPR card has to be an American Heart Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider or an American Red Cross (can't remember which type). However, I think they are lenient on the CPR types. They allow you to get your CPR from anyone/anywhere. It just has to be current and not to expire during the semester. ATI is a program-long platform for testing and remediation. You don't have to worry about ATI at all. They sign you up and walk you through the process the second or third day. It's really expensive, though, but you get 5 semesters worth. Feel free to email me at j.r.o.c.k.w.e.l.l.@jsu.edu (without the dots) if you have any more questions.
  12. by   Marymoomoo
    Quote from TRJSU
    I am finishing up my first semester at JSU's nursing program.
    I'm a prenursing major. This is an older post, but I have some questions and maybe you could help me out. How would you rate your current experience? Are clinicals nearby? How many hours are you at clinicals each scheduled day? Any tips for nursing hopefuls? Thanks in advance!
  13. by   wamperscat
    I am finishing up my BSN at JSU through the RN-BSN online program. It's pretty easy, just time intensive like they said. There was one class that was impossible but it was because of the professor (who is no longer teaching there). I have had all A's except for the class I had to drop and re-take. I was failing it, dropped it, and took again and had an A. MSG me if you have any questions.
  14. by   pks2016
    I start the RN-BSN step program at JSU Monday. I keep debating whether to take all 3 courses or not. Could you please tell me what I would expect the first semester? I'll be taking Pharm, Health Assessment, and Communication of Ethical Issues. How much time did you spend on PP, papers, etc ever week?