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  1. Hello all over the great state of Alabama to all you nurses and students out there!

    I found this site the other day and was so pleased to see there was a place for AL nurses/students to post. It's interesting to read and discuss certain topics that affect us locally and share experiences.

    Anyway, my name is Stephanie, I live in the Birmingham area, married mom w/ 2 little boys (6 & 2 yrs old) and am registering for my pre-reqs this fall and would love take the PAX this fall as well and apply to start the nursing program Spring '05. My quick question was really just out of curiosity; did anyone here (or do you now) attend Jeff State? I will be starting there for my AD and plan to move on to UAB, eventually would love to get a MSN but for now am still trying to get my brain back in college mode. LOL I was just wondering if any of you would be at Jeff State with me and how you like(d) it there. My brother is a nurse at UAB in the critical intensive care burn unit; he's been at UAB for about 10 yrs or so now. He started at Jeff State but wound up going to UAB and doing it all at once, getting his BSN.

    I've wanted to try nursing since my oldest son was a baby, but something always just got in my way of starting. I've been a SAHM and for the last year did court reporting school (liked it, great career, just not what I felt a passion for doing) and now I am finally going to try nursing school if it's the last thing I do!!!!

    Right now I'm a busy mom so I may not be online a lot but I will be checking in on this board and all of you whenever I can. Those of you that are attending CACC in C'burg are near where I went to high school...8 yrs ago, LOL, but still!

    Thanks for having me here! It's great to "meet" everyone!
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  3. by   CardioTrans
    I didnt attend Jeff State but have worked with some people that have. They loved it. Btw, CACC is close to where I went to high school too!
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    welcome to the board, stephanie!

    i had thought about attending jscc but ended up at lscc and i just graduated from their program this past saturday.

    i wish you all the best in your endeavors.
  5. by   TiddlDwink
    Hi, Stephanie

    I am a graduate of JSCC, but so long ago I would be of no assistance to you now (1969). I hated it at that time, but I understand it is much different now. I was just thrilled to get OUT.

    I do not regret my choices. I went on in my education, have a B.A. and an M.A., but not in nursing.

    Welcome to the board, and I hope you find your nursing school experience gratifying and fun at the same time!
  6. by   2boyzmom
    Quote from cardiotrans
    i didnt attend jeff state but have worked with some people that have. they loved it. btw, cacc is close to where i went to high school too!
    ok so now i gotta know cardio...where'd you go to high school? lol i went to vincent, graduated in '96.
  7. by   2boyzmom
    Thank you all for your replies! My DH asked me after I'd posted this original msg if CACC had a nursing program and wondered if I should check in to it as well.... I would love to find a college w/ onsite daycare that wasn't outrageous!!! I will keep you all posted on what happens, until then, thanks again for the welcome and sweet replies.
  8. by   dixienurse2be
    hey name is ashley and I am applying for nursing school at CACC. I just finished up my pre-reqs and am taking a CPR course this summer. I absolutely love CACC. The faculty is great and everything I've heard about the nursing program is good. The nursing school faculty also seem to be very nice and helpful from the limited contact i've had with them up until now. Stephanie..if you would like any info you can PM me or you can email me.

    BTW, I graduated from Childersburg! It's nice to find ppl close to home.
  9. by   CardioTrans
    LOL... I graduated from Childersburg.... but it was 88.... ok, now Im feeling old!
  10. by   dixienurse2be might remember my uncle...he graduated from Cburg in 86 i think...maybe 85..i'm not really sure...small world huh?
  11. by   CardioTrans
    I just might! And yes its a real small world!!!
  12. by   sdg
    Hi, I am actually attending Jeff State now working on my pre reqs. I was going to apply for the nursing program for spring but I only have one semester to take the rest of my classes and two of those are bio classes. Too bad I can't take em together. So I guess I will try to start the nursing program in the Summer. Unfortunately that means I have to go to the other campus. I live closer to the Shelby campus but it only only takes nursing students for the Spring.

    I know two people who have graduated the program at Jeff State, and one who did it at CACC.
    Good luck with the program!
  13. by   2boyzmom
    Thanks for the reply! I know what you mean about the Jeff State campuses, I am going to wait for spring '06 to try and start the program at the Shelby campus so I don't have to have such a long commute to north B'ham! Part of me wonders if I shouldn't try CACC so I could just start next fall in the program there. I don't know if the program is all the better, worse, different, what? I have friends doing pre-reqs at CACC right now so it'd be neat to know someone already there. At any rate, good luck to you at Jeff State right now!!!!!!!!!
  14. by   sdg
    My sister in law went to CACC and seemed to like it. The only problem for me is its just as far away as the centerpoint campus. I work two miles from the shelby campus and that's why I like it. You can go to that Alabama board of nursing and get NCLEX pass rates for both schools. In alabama Gadsden state and Bevill State seem to have the best pass rates for an ADN program.

    Good luck

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