Calhoun part time ADN program Questions

  1. Hey Everybody,
    I have applied to the Calhoun part time/evening ADN program and just wondered if anybody can tell me about it?
    Any information would be great.
    Are there any books/specific topics that I should brush up on for the first semester?
    Do they require white shoes?
    Are the clinicals mostly on Saturdays like I have heard?
    Anyone work full time while doing the program?

    Thanks for any insight. Ever Hopeful, Relysh
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  3. by   megreen1
    I've applied myself. I'm actually waiting at my computer for an info webinar by the Head of Nursing dept. (It's at 4:00pm today.) Anyhow, I should have lots of answers for you after that. I talked to someone that graduated from there last year and she gave me some book ideas. I do know that some people work full-time and do part-time ADN. That's really what they have the part-time program for. Here's fingers crossed we both get in. (Inbox me later if you want my phone# and I'll give you the info I got from the webinar.)
  4. by   RedChair
    Hi! It would be great if you could let me know what was gone over during the webinar. I was at work and unable to watch it. Thanks
  5. by   VSBlonde
    I'm getting ready to start my third semester in the Part Time Program.

    I love it, but you have to be dedicated. Those of use evening students do score higher on tests than the day time students. Lectures are taped from the daytime & posted for us to listen to along with powerpoint notes. It's really a lot of self-instruction, with class being an overview of the lectured material. The first semester you will feel like cows being shuffled through herding gates, I kid you not. Our clinicals have been on Saturdays so far, but this Summer, they are taking a group that can go during the week. I am also working FT while in the program and I've learned to accept that B's are okay. Feel free to PM with an questions and I'll help you as much as I can.
  6. by   RedChair
    Thanks for the info. I think I have to have more posts before I can message anyone? Not sure, but I don't see a place to send one from. Any ideas?
  7. by   VSBlonde
    If you see the pencil by my name, you can send me a PM. Just click on that
  8. by   megreen1
    I don't see a place to message either of you. So I'll list some of the stuff I jotted down that I wasn't totally aware of. Maybe it wil help.

    1. Entrance scores are said to be higher this year than last year (last year or last semester was the first time that the TEAS V was given).
    2. This one I overheard --- there may be over 1000 applicants this go round.
    3. Be aware that there will be some extra costs:
    testing fees, 110 per semester
    uniforms approx. 340
    nurse pacs 135
    student respons dev. 70
    drug test 71
    insurance 10 annualy
    cpr (annualy) 35
    books approx. 800 (this is a first semester cost for books for traditional day program she said so I assume it will vary per semester)
    Also, about $400 in different graduation and NCLEX testing fees.
    I think a grant would cover books but not any of the other things I listed.
    4. Uniforms are required even for first semester of part time evening (even though there are no clinicals that semester).
    5. All white, leather shoes are required (she said should be safe buying a "nursing shoe" that is all white.but no skechers or shapeups, etc.
    6. If you want to take other courses along with the nursing, she said not to do it the last semester of the program (LPN, ADN, paramedic to RN, etc.) She also said it probably wouldn't be wise first semester of traditional day.
    She said all the other semesters, especially with the evening program should be fine.
    7. The evening program she said probably required the most self-discipline on your part (because the lectures are online and you have to be prepared before you come to class)
    8. 100% of students in the last 3 years, all programs have found a job.
    9. background checks are done after you are accepted and start classes (will probably be at an unexpected time)
    10. If you made over a 70 on the TEAS, she said that was really good (though there were other factors, such as if you had B's or C's on the a&P's and Micro scores). She didn't have any cutoff scores or anything and it's all a waiting game that should end with a letter by the end of the first week in July. Everyone will get one, whether they are accepted or not.
    11.Clinicals are at Crestwood, Huntsville, Athens, Madison, and Cullman.
    12. 48 are being accepted into the evening program and about 100 in LPN and around 140 for day ADN.
    I think that's all I jotted down.
    Hope that helps.
    Wish we could chat with VSBlonde, LOL! I'm sure she could answer all this and more.

    I do have a question for VS blonde:
    1. I am considering taking Statistics and precalculus algebra in the Fall (with assessment and pharm-assuming I get in)
    VSBlonde, what's your advice on that? I have A's in a&p's and micro and a 3.9 something on my other pre-req (but 5 kids, too. Would that be too much of a load?
    2. And, do people sell their books when they are done? or is it kinda necessary to keep them for reference in later courses? I just got my chem book for summer for $25. It's $145 in the bookstore. I like to save when I can
  9. by   megreen1
    Someone during the webinar did ask if there was anything to do to get ready for the nursing program (brush up on topics, etc.) and she said no.

    And also, she mentioned that if you didn't have all the general ed. coursework out of the way, try to take it in the summer because if you don't get in this time and reapply in October, if you waited till Fall to take anything, it wouldn't count because you'd only be through with half the semester.
  10. by   RedChair
    Megreen- Thanks for sharing your notes! I really appreciate it. I guess we all hate waiting on the unknown! ugh. I do have all of my pre-req and co-reqs done, so only need the nursing specific classes. Bummer on the uniforms. I assume that they make you buy through the school because otherwise we could get them for $20 or so. Oh well, I figured as much. I guess we both need to get more posts or something. Think I read that after 15 or 20 you can private message someone. Well good luck to us both! Might be a LOOOONG month VSBlonde- thank you for your response. Relysh
  11. by   VSBlonde
    Megreen~ Every thing you wrote down is correct. I would take the Math if you need it & hold off on Stats. I haven't taken that yet, it's only a req if you want your BSN.

    1) You will wear the blue uniform to school, even though you don't have clinicals. One set is fine for the first semester, I bought a 2nd set for here on out, so I'd have one for class & one for clinicals. They will give you the style numbers in your acceptace pkg. I think my first set & lab cost me about $85.

    2) Every semester, you will pay at least $105 in testing fees. This is out of your own pocket & not covered by financial aid. The second semester, prior to clinicals, you have to do a background/drug screen that is about $100 (I think), once again out of your own pocket. Financial Aid covered all my books, including the Nurse Pacs since it was purchased in the bookstore.

    3) Several of us wear the white skechers shape ups, nothing have ever been said about it. I'd like to see her tell me not to wear mine. It doesn't have to be a "nursing shoe" just have them as white as possible.

    4) There will be a ton of applicants, the better your grades, the better your chances. I was the last group in before the TEAS-V started, but I took it for Wallace State.

    5) The Evening program does require a LOT of self discipline. I don't have any other choice, since I have to work, but I feel like it was the best choice for me. It takes longer, but once you get started, you will be relieved that you don't have to juggle several difficult courses at one time like the Daytime group.

    6) I did have all my pre-reqs completed prior to starting and I'm glad I did. I focus on Nursing & nursing only. I keep all of my nursing books, most will be used in multiple semesters.

    Ask all the questions you want and I'll be happy to answer them best I can.
  12. by   RedChair
    VSBlonde, I do have a question (I'm sure that I will think of many more!)
    What kind of reading load do you normally have? Do you usually read every thing assigned or just the basics then concentrate on certain things (does that make sense?) for indepth reading?
    Are there a lot of assignments such as case studies/care plans?
    Ok so I guess that is more than one!
    Thanks, Relysh
  13. by   VSBlonde
    If you are in the PT Evening, you will do Health Assessment & Pharmacology the first semester. It's fairly straight forward. 2nd semester, you will do fundamentals and that's where the care planning & stuff starts to come in. I made an A in Pharm and passed HA with an 88. It bugged me at first, but I've learned to let it go. I honestly don't read everything because it really is ALOT. Focus on the boxes on the sides of the chapter and anything they really emphasize in lecture.

    IF someone in class is stupid enough to ask what's on the test, most often, what they tell you really isn't the main focus of the test. Prepare for questions that ask you to choose ALL answers that apply. They are all or nothing questions. Boo.
  14. by   Poney12345
    Hello, I have been reading this site for a while and decided to join. I too am applying for the Parttime evening program. I made fairly decent on the Teas (87) and have the 201/202 and 220 classes completed (2 A's and one B) but I don't have all general ed out of way - still need psychology, human growth and developent. I was wondering if anyone knew the chances of getting in for Fall 2011? I had applied 2 years ago to day program and was accepted but couldn't go due to family problems. From what I have been reading about the PTN program it is really hard to get accepted. Can anyone give me any additionl info?