Calhoun Community College full time RN Spring 2013

  1. Is anyone applying for Spring? I have never attended Calhoun before and don't know much about the program. Does anyone know what the cutoff is? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the Alabama State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
  4. by   Crazed_NS

    That is a link to the nursing page. The cutoff date to apply is September 14th. Only 2 weeks from now. You need to apply, get transcripts sent ( if schools allow it can be faster to carry an unopened official copy to Calhoun), and have teas score sent. There might be some other stuff so really you should read all the info on the nursing page. Have you started any of this yet? If not you might not get it done in time!

    Ive just started my first semester there!
  5. by   ndpc82

    Yes, I have already applied, had all transcripts sent, taking TEAS again today, and will send off my application tomorrow. I was curious about the point cuttoff? What were some examples of total points, etc. Congrats on your first semester! How did you like it?
  6. by   Crazed_NS
    Oh that's good! Well I'll tell you what they told me... It all depends How many people apply, and what their scores are. The 100ish (idk exact amount they accept for each program) people with the highest scores get in. Usually the spring semester is less competitive than the fall. Good luck!

    Well just finished week 3. Made a 90 on our first test we had today, so it's good! Lol. The instructors are nice and helpful. They are all about wanting you to succeed, not scaring you out of the program. Which btw... At orientation and the first few days, all the information that gets thrown at you scares you enough, so they don't have to... Haha.
  7. by   Perrydot7105

    Ok so I previously applied to the Fall, I have never attended Calhoun before so I decided to try it, no knowing that some of my classes didnt transfer. So now I am applying to the Spring Program. I can tell you when I talked to the lady at the desk some cut off numbers. Fall 2011 was 133, Spring 2012 was 100, Fall 2012 was 126! So it varies every year. I do know of alot more people applying this spring which makes me nervous. Your best bet is the TEAS. Average TEAS score they said is about 70 %. So as long as you have made A's & B's and have around 60-or higher on your TEAS you should be competitive. I hope you get in, I am saying a prayer.. I hope we ALL get in!
  8. by   brandycpatton
    I've also applied for the Spring 2013 program. Can anyone tell me how long it usually takes to hear from Calhoun regarding acceptance? Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  9. by   Griffin123
    My brother and I both applied. It's my understanding it's about 4 weeks to get word from Calhoun.
  10. by   Griffin123
    Got our letter today! We got in!!
  11. by   brandycpatton
    Do you have any idea what the cut off # is for Spring 2013? I got a letter yesterday that said I was not accepted because of a 1.7 GPA...My GPA is a 3.7. So I immediately called the admissions office and sure enough, they had entered my GPA incorrectly! So, everything had to be resubmitted to the Nursing Department but they WILL NOT tell me over the phone if I've been accepted or not and the waiting is agony! I will be so upset if I missed a seat in the Spring 13 class due to a clerical error!
  12. by   brandycpatton
    I got in! And not without drama but I am so relieved and excited!
  13. by   Griffin123
    Hi Brandy. I'm not sure what the cut off was. My brother got in with 143 points. It is my understanding that anything in the 140's pretty much secures you (but I have heard in previous years it was as low as 100 (with an average around 120 or so)). It also seems to be a trend that the spring semester is a little less competitive to get into.

    You probably already know this, but the point system is broken down as follows:

    Grades in Anatomy I, II and Micro:

    A=30 pts B= 20 pts C=10 pts

    8 points for having all prereqs done

    3 for being a calhoun student

    x pts for TEAS test (1:1)

    I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I find Calhoun's staff to be ...less than helpful at times. They have great instructors, but the support from staff and the policies in general can be frustrating. Hope it works out!
  14. by   Griffin123
    Doh- I guess we must have posted at the same time. Grats on getting in!!!