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  1. This is kinda long so bear with me.
    May 2003 I was called into my Nurse Manager's office to discuss a problem. I had taken a med out of the pyxis but forgot to chart it. I was then told that the med was d/c'd 4 days prior to my administration of it.
    To make a long story short I was accused of diverting/self-administration of medications. I took a drug screen that day which was negative. 3 days later I was terminated from my job. A few weeks later I received a letter from the Board of Nursing notifying me that a complaint was filed against my license and I was under investigation for distributing medications without an MD order and suspiscion of chemical dependency.
    I did not hear back from the Board until November 2003. An investigator called me an harrassed me by telling me to just admit that I am an addict and it will be easier on me. I maintained my innocence and adamently told him that I was not an addict and never have been but I will admit to being lazy by not charting or checking my orders.
    This month I received a call from the Board requesting for me to meet in Montgomery for to see what evidence the investigation found. I went to the meeting and was told that if I did not want my license revoked that I should sign a consent order which included a chemical dependency eval (at my cost), A 10 hour CEU class on Drug Abuse, Active Probation of my license for 3 years including random drug screens, monthly reports to board and quarterly reports to the board by my employer. Out of fear of losing my license and my career I signed the consent. I went through the chem dependency eval with no recommendations for treatment.
    The board order states that I am chemically dependent and unfit to practice nursing due to addiction to habit forming drugs. I have taken 4 drug tests during this whole ordeal which all were negative.
    I have never been in trouble with the board or in any job I have had as a nurse.
    Should I hire a lawyer to try to get this consent erased from my record since I have proven not to be chemically dependent?
    What would you do?
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  3. by   elkpark
    It certainly couldn't hurt to have legal representation (that would have been one of the first things I would have done 'way back at the beginning of all this) -- be sure to find someone who has experience working with your BON. Best wishes --
  4. by   2boyzmom
    I agree, I would seek legal representation (would have from the start) to try and get that off your record, otherwise it's going to follow you forever. A lawyer would probably argue you were scared of losing your job, had been pressured into signing, etc. But that you have NEVER tested positive at any time and gee, that should count for something!!! I wish you all the best, let us know what happens ok?
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Get a lawyer now. Good luck
  6. by   1BlessedRN
    Hello I hate this has happened to you but I do know if you are innocent you need to consult an attorney and I won't say anything else due to the fact I don't know the whole situation but I do know that MOST of the time the BON is pretty fair about their decisions. I wish you the best.