1. Hello,

    I'm looking at relocating after graduation and I was looking for information about Birmingham and specifically UAB. I want to go into Critical Care (or possibly ER/Trauma) and then eventually I'd like to look at pursuing CRNA. Any info about the city and specifically the hospital would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   CardioTrans
    Welcome to allnurses! Have you tried the main UAB website? It has tons of infomation about the school and city. It also has a link for hospital jobs there as well. UAB has just built a new hospital with a 40 bed ER with all the bells and whistles you could imagine. The website also has a virtual tour of the new hospital.

    Heres a link for you...

    Good luck!
  4. by   Lys

    If you're looking at UAB, check out (they do all the hiring for UAB medical, evidently).

    Also, this site has info about a whole buncha cities across the US, I found some good info on Birmingham there.

    When I spoke with a recruiter, she told me that UAB was looking at hiring new grads, to help fill their new units, so you shouldn't have a big problem getting in, though I'm not sure what they'd have available in critical care.

    Much Luck!
  5. by   jrec
    I too am looking to relocate to B'ham for anesthesia school this fall and would like some help locating a good neighborhood. I want to be within 15-20 minutes or closer of UAB and will need to buy a house. Any suggestions for location would be GREATLY appreciated.