Bevill State Community College Summer 17' Applicants

  1. Hello everyone
    So I applied for the summer RN program at the Hamilton campus. Has anyone else applied? I'm sitting on eggshells already and the deadline was yesterday lol. Does anyone know how many people they accept?
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  3. by   Jmill90
    Hello I applied to the jasper campus how many points did you apply with
  4. by   Joycelyn1
    Hello, jmill90 thanks for chimming in ; in a good way lol. If I added it up correctly I have 29 points. They really look at " loyalty" to the school. Because I would have had 30 something if I took alot courses at there school. I'm coming from Georgia were I took my sciences. I went to Jasper's campus at first but I'm going to have to do the dorm I've so that's why I changed to Hamilton campus. How many points did you obtain. Do yo know the minimum points accepted in the program?
  5. by   Jmill90
    Oh okay well if I calculated it correctly I have 27 points since I took all of my classes somewhere else. But I only have nursing classes left and a 3.5 gpa so hopefully that will help me.
  6. by   Joycelyn1
    Yea samehere I'm taking micro at the school in at in Georgia now. I have a 3.6 . I know someone who had a 2.5 and got accepted. IDK if they took all their courses at Bevill or not. I'm so ready to know though. I've also applied for Gadsden State. I'm determined to start in the summer.
  7. by   Jmill90
    I know the feeling of wanting to start this summer. I feel like the break between now and fall is just too long to wait for acceptance and to start lol.
  8. by   Joycelyn1
    That too and in I told myself I would be done in 2018. Do you know other people who've applied as well? I see you are pretty popular on this site as far as involvement.
  9. by   Jmill90
    No i dont know anyone else that's going to apply to bevill everyone else is considering jeff state lawson and wallace... it would be feel really good to be done in 2018...
  10. by   Joycelyn1
    If I don't get into Bevill or Gadsden. I'm going to apply to Shelton State. That school is literally in my moms backyard lbvs and also to the Jeff, Lawson and Wallace been looking at those as well
  11. by   Jmill90
    Yea wallace and bevill jasper are an hr from my house but I just want to b get in somewhere
  12. by   Joycelyn1
    OK hun well I'll talk to you soon as time progresses. Let me continue to harass the mail man until April lol
  13. by   Jmill90
    Will bevill state give any credit for certifications? I saw they asked for them if we have any.
  14. by   Joycelyn1
    I asked one of the people in the nursing department and she said it would just be counted as one point even if you had both a degree and certification. I didn't she that on their admissions sheet, which it should be. So now that I think about it they might give some points if we taken other classes at other schools. I now remember on the application it asked was I currently taking any courses at another school and I am. I'm taking micro at another school right now......wishful thinking....