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Well, it's that time of year again, and I've finally been accepted into the RN program at Calhoun Community College! Got my acceptance letter yesterday. I am VERY stoked, to say the least. I have... Read More

  1. by   Jamie2887
    Quote from twinsmama
    I'm starting classes in Jan. to complete all of my pre-reqs before I apply to the nursing program. I figure, since I can only go part time, I should get these done so that when I have NUR classes and clinicals, I don't have to worry about any other classes. Did anyone else do it this way?
    I'm excited to get started, but I don't even know if the nursing program has a waiting list or even what the NCLEX pass rates are. I just moved here and have decided that nursing will be a great career change for me (I'm old). I've read RN posts on this site that make me wonder if I really want to do it. They seem to hate their careers as much as I hated my old one.
    Any seasoned Calhoun veterans with thoughts/advice?
    I finished all my pre-reqs and then started nursing school at Calhoun this August, so that I wouldnt have to take other classes with my nursing classes, which is the smartest thing I have done, I hear other people groaning about having to study for english and anatomy and nursing all in one night, no thank you. I absolutely LOVE calhoun's nursing program, but it does have a reputation of being tough to get into, they look at your reading compass score, anatomy I, anatomy II, and microbiology, or high school courses if you choose to take the previous named ones while in the just focus on getting good grades in those 3 courses and you should be fine, many people this summer applied to both the LPN program and RN so that if they didnt get accepted to RN, they had LPN to fall back on. And dont always pay attention to the negative comments on this site, I think alot of those people choose nursing for the wrong profession (money) and wern't going to like it no matter what they did, If you truely like helping people, you will make it through even the roughest days. GOOD LUCK!
  2. by   vetiver
    Hey, thanks for the words of wisdom, Jamie. Do you happen to know if there is a waiting list? I can't wait to get started, but I can only go part time because of kids and work. It would really suck to have to wait an extra year.
    Do you plan on going straight to a BSN/MSN program after your RN? I definitely am. I'm afraid that Huntsville's job market might be over saturated with RN's by the time I get finished at Calhoun, so the more school the better. I plan to go NP, but if I really had my wish, I'd apply to med school after my BSN. I just don't think I can afford it. (Organic chemistry scares the heck out of me, too).
    Sorry to pummel you with questions. I'm just trying to plan my whole life and the future of my entire family all at once.
  3. by   Jamie2887
    I don't know about a "waiting list" persay, they don't put you on a list if you dont get accepted the first time you apply, they just have you apply again the next year (a few people from my microbiology class have to do this), and yes I plan on going to UAH for my BSN, they offer a 2 semester online bridge program, and then I plan on getting my masters so that when I retire I can teach nursing students. They do have the delayed progression nursing program, I'm not sure how many people they accept, but you do most from your home, and I beileve they have classes at night, and offer night/weekend clinicals, but it is 7 semesters opposed to 5, because for instance they took 2 classes this semester, and we had 3. hope this helps!
  4. by   vetiver
    Thanks again.
    I have researched the UAH bridge program, too. It looks like a great deal and easy to work around. Maybe I'll see you around campus. I can't wait to get started.

    Happy holidays!