Alabama State Nurses Association

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  3. by   chademack
    I am glad that this post is here. Alabama nursing board is a joke. Why is it that in the south, a person has to just about go to congress to change the way the general pop thinks. Why are we not able to use our license in another state? Isn't licensure a nationalized test? What is the point of outrageously charging a nurse for license or renewal anyway? What good is the state board anyway? Too many times I have seen nurses that have committed drug related issues and have done everything but drag the pyxis down the back stairwell and still have jobs?? You people who are part of the association are directly connected with the board and if you say that you are not or have little or know influence on how the board operates, you are simply bending any honesty to justify your position and that is disgraceful. I have traveled to other states and we are often judged before we can perform based on what is visible. Can you hear the banjo music?
  4. by   RNdiscipulus
    this is how its always been..
  5. by   Calalilynurse
    in almost all states. but i wish it was national too. it would help us all get a job
  6. by   mustangrachel00
    I haven't ever joined the ASNA, but I see the point to a degree. However, if you see a problem, you should voice your concerns. I think that the biggest problem with nursing everywhere is our lact of "not wanting to get invloved". Think about the times the you witnessed someone on drugs. I know Alabama has a whistleblowers program, and your job should too. We have to be vocal to make a change.