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Alabama CRNP requirement - physician collaborative practice

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Hello all, I am currently a practicing NP in CA, planning to move to AL this year for family reasons. I am concerned about being able to transfer my license to AL with the requirement of needing a physician to fill out a collaborative practice form. If a position requires an already established NP license in AL, how is one from out of state to find a job?

Thank you so much!

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No one would expect you to go into a position with all ducks in a row in Alabama because no one really does. The collaborative practice forms are signed once the physician/position are found and then undergoes approval through the BON. Preliminary approval to practice occurs relatively quickly, but then the collaborative agreement is discussed in an interdisciplinary meeting that occurs periodically for 'final approval'. You're only allowed to practice as an NP with that collaborative practice agreement in place at the BON and the state medical board.

If you focus on getting your RN license approved for practice in Alabama and then giving the BON a copy of your NP certification sent through your certifying agency, you'll be right where everyone else is when they apply for a new position. Your job should then tell you which physician is going to be your collaborator and then you'll work out the particulars of what you are 'approved' to do - which may or may not limit your practice. This part would be no different from an Alabama native NP starting a new collaborative practice.

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LovingPeds, that makes a lot of sense, thank you for clarifying this.