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Has any one been following the case of Mr. Charles Singleton?

This man is an immate on death row and will be executed AS LONG AS HE TAKES HIS MEDICATION.So the outcome for med compliance to assist pt. to improve thinking and judement with decrease in psychotic symptoms will be... DEATH!!! WTF!!!:confused:

Nurse Izzy

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Huh? I live in Alabama and hadn't heard of that one! Sheesh!

sanakruz, ADN

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I need to know nurse Izzy. I heard it on the radio yesterday. Ill bet my boots it was Alabama. Foolish i would feel if it was, like, Arkansas.

Any body out there better informed?

Where ever; this is a travesty!


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Originally posted by sanakruz

I need to know nurse Izzy. I heard it on the radio yesterday. Ill bet my boots it was Alabama. Foolish i would feel if it was, like, Arkansas.

Any body out there better informed?

Where ever; this is a travesty! is Arkansas (I read about it the other day)...aparently he became insane AFTER he committed his crime (while on death row) here is CNN's story on it:

Copied & pasted:

Death row case raises insanity defense paradox

Tuesday, February 11, 2003 Posted: 10:50 AM EST (1550 GMT)

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AP) -- In the latest bizarre turn in a nearly 25-year-old death row case, a federal appeals court ruled that a mentally ill inmate can be put to death even though he would be too insane to qualify for execution without his medication.

A sharply divided 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a stay of execution Monday for Charles Singleton, saying his medically induced sanity makes him eligible for the death penalty.

Singleton's defense argued that the Arkansas inmate was in a precarious situation: taking anti-psychotic medication was in his interest -- but not if the resulting sanity puts him on the path to the death chamber.

Six of the 11 judges on the St. Louis-based panel said that because Singleton prefers to be medicated, and because Arkansas has an interest in having sane inmates, the side-effect of sanity should not affect his fate.

The four dissenting judges said it would be wrong to execute Singleton, who becomes paranoid and delusional when not medicated, and sometimes is still psychotic while medicated. One judge abstained.

"Based on the medical history in this case, I am left with no alternative but to conclude that drug-induced sanity is not the same as true sanity," dissenting Judge Gerald Heaney wrote. "Singleton is not 'cured'; his insanity is merely muted, at times, by the powerful drugs he is forced to take."

In October 2001, a panel of the 8th Circuit ruled that Singleton be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The state appealed, and the court reversed that ruling Monday.

Assistant Attorney General Kelly Hill said Monday that the state had to continue pursuing the case because Singleton was sentenced to death.

"We are going to do our statutory and constitutional duty," Hill said. "If the court says it is constitutional ... we will take the necessary steps. If the court says it is unconstitutional, we will abide by that decision."

Singleton was convicted of stabbing grocer Mary Lou York to death in a 1979 robbery. She identified him as her attacker before dying.

Singleton's lawyer, Jeff Rosenzweig, said he would likely ask the 8th Circuit to withhold a final order -- which would authorize Gov. Mike Huckabee to set an execution date -- so he can take the case to the Supreme Court.

"This is one that the Supreme Court may want to look at," Rosenzweig said. "The question is whether you can execute a man whose sanity is artificially induced."

"What is the power of the state to give medical treatment that has the effect of causing his execution?" Rosenzweig added. "You should forbid execution under those circumstances."

sanakruz, ADN

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Thanks for clearing that up.

Please forgive this transpalnted Californian who at least had the presence of mind to write the inmates name down, but relied on memory (faulty at 47) to recall the southern state that started with "A"

That said

This boogles the mind. I'd like to know this man's age.Did he know his victim? Prior history of violence - or hospitalizations? Sometimes a "budding" schizophrenic will present as anxious or depressed. Family history, etc.I guess I'm being presumptious DX him as schizoprenic. Who put the original stay in place? SIDE EFFECT OF SANITY? whoa Nellie...

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