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Akron Institute acceptance letter!


Hi Everyone,

I just got my acceptance letter in the mail from Akron Institute for their ADN program starting this January. Just wanted to see if anyone else would be starting there too?

So excited!

LookUp2Sky, ASN, RN

Specializes in Hospice, Oncology. Has 8 years experience.

Congratulations, Barleany!!! Let the games begin-LOL. You will have to keep us posted and updated as to your progress! I look forward to hearing how you're progressing...and you will progress!

Best of luck to you. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know (especially since that is the path I travelled as well).


Congratulations! I have received the letter I am near the top of the "alternate" list so I hope to join you.

Congrats! I will be done in December, but I wanted to make sure I said congrats. As Lookup said (BTW..I'm wondering if I know this person)...if you need anything let me know. A piece of advice...study study study! It's a tough program once you get into the nursing core especially...never underestimate the power of studying.

Good luck toyou!

Congrats Barleany! I got my acceptance letter about a week ago and I'll be starting in January too! :yeah:Go us!!

Hey Barleany!I tried to PM you back but apparently I'm not allowed to yet- I did go to the meeting, I was one of the last few to walk in and stuck out like a sore thumb in my flightsuit, but I had to leave there and go straight to work. Were you there? I wasn't nervous about school.....then I went to the meeting. Time management is gonna be crazy!! We can get through it though- two years from now we can be nurses! So- I guess there is still some excitement there :D

kmoreland - you did not stick out like a sore thumb - i was at that meeting and was too nervous myself to notice anyone in a flight suite. congratulations to you both (barleany) - i will get to be with you guys as well.

Hello everyone!!! I am new to this site and I will be starting the Akron Institute nursing program tomorrow actually:) And I have to admit I am terrified!! LOL I heard alot of good things about the program but everyone I talk to makes it seem like nursing is the hardest thing to study. This is my 1st time attending college, I just graduated high school in June...Any advice? I would also like to know how you are all liking the program so far?

I spoke with a nursing advisor at Akron Institute because I got a 97% on the Hesi A2 and was wondering how similar that was to the TEAS. The advisor's response? "I have no idea. I've never head of Hesi." Really?

Congratulations girly27. I am in my 3rd term there and it is going well. There are some tough classes and some easy - which classes may be totally different for you than it was me. You will do great - the teachers are really good and want the students to be successful. Just keep your focus, nursing school takes determination and committment . . . and don't be distracted by students that are not as committed as you are.

ForeverLaur - I have heard of the Hesi test (or at least that it exists), but we take the TEAS test so I don't know if they (admissions reps are for all the programs, not just nursing) would know how they are similar or different. However, the dean of nursing is a wonderful lady and may have a better idea. You can even e-mail the DON program and I'm sure she would get back to you.