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Air force have a STRAP program?

I have recently read about the Army's STRAP program. Does anyone know if the Air Force has a similar program?


The Air Force did away with the "boot strap" program back in 2001 or 2002. I think they do still have a program that allows you to seperate with a promise to commit so many years after you complete school. I believe the program is called Palace Chase. The military pays for your school and you commit to a set term. If you do a search on www.af.mil for it, maybe you can find something on it. I don't know of very many people who have done this because it requires signatures from such a huge chain of command letting you go and if you're in a critical carrer field, they hold on for dear life. Good luck! Are you active duty or planning to join?



the airforce did do away with the bootstrap program but it was replaced with another program called (AFELA) Air Force Educational Leave of Abscence program. Basically you go to school full time to get your degree (which can't be more than two years) so if you are interested in nursing you have to have your pre req's done and finish up your nursing classes in the program. It is geared for active duty people who couldn't finish their education because of the job or other requirements. Take me for instance I had all of my pre req's done but couldn't go any further because I am active duty and the nursing program was full time. So I applied for this program and was accepted and now I am in my second semester. But of course every good thing has it's drawback with this program you have to give back two months for every month you take and I loose my BAH and BAS but I still receive my base pay. & if you got the GI bill you can use it to pay for your tuition. You can also apply for the pell grant. I applied and got money and I also applied for foundation scholarships through the school. So essentially I am going to school for free......I think it is a great program...I don't have to worry about working or anything.....But keep in mind this is not a commissioning program you do not automatically become an officer after you graduate. There is another program where you can apply to become an officer 6 months before you graduate.

Hope this helps

Hi cynt77,

I was wondering if you are still Active Duty AF? I am trying to do the AFELA and there is not a lot of information out there. Did you use your GI Bill when you went to school? Did you become an officer? Please let me know if you are still on this message board. I would love to chat with you.

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