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Air Force Nursing

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I am trying to get some insight and a bit of information from everyone since the recruiters are out of office currently. I will finish my ADN this December and will start on my BSN right away and finish it by next December. During this time I will be working on a med-surg/tele floor. 

I just wanted to gather some basic information about the process and when I could start building a packet. I did serve in the Air Force for 7 years, just recently separated last year. I did 4 years of active duty and 3 in the reserves. 

Is the Air Force in need of Clinical Nurses currently?

Will my prior experience help my chances of getting accepted?

I know you need 1 year of RN experience with your BSN, so will the time that I will be working with my ADN while finishing my BSN count?

Also what else helps make a packet stand out? 

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jfratian has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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Board certification in your specialty always helps (CMSRN from AMSN or RN-BC from ANCC). If you are interested in switching specialties,1 year of ICU or ER would definitely help your chances.  Also, look for any way to show leadership at work: unit practice councils, etc are a good example.

If you want to really help your chances and boost your starting rank (O-2), get an MSN. Those in management or education can be as short as 32 credits.  Plus, you won't have to get one later on for O-6.

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