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My wife and I are considering rejoining the military (prior service Air National Guard enlisted). I was wondering two things: 1. Does the Active Duty side still try to keep spouses together? We're both nurses and will be NPs by then, though I'll do psych and she's going for family. 2nd, any chance of getting stationed at Maxwell AFB? She's from a town less than an hour away and we currently live 1.5 hours away. Part of me thinks there might be a chance because there probably aren't a lot of people wanting to be stationed in Montgomery, AL. I'd rather not uproot the kids for 3 years if I can avoid it but will if the mission necessitates it.

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Active duty is really not for people that have to be in one geographic location.  I would look at reserves or guard; there are fulltime IMA positions that might be more your style.  You'll need 1 year of NP experience to qualify for these.  Even if you could get Maxwell, you could never stay there for more than 4 years on active duty.

Yes, not many people don't request Maxwell.  However, usually only larger bases are able to accommodate joint spouse.  Maxwell has a really small clinic, and I'd be surprised if they had 2 vacant NP slots at the same time to accommodate joint spouse.  Yes, joint spouse is usually accommodated reasonably well earlier in your career; however that's only if you're flexible with your location.

Know if you choose this route, you'll need a family care plan in case both of you were deployed at the same time.  Also know it isn't uncommon for joint spouses to have offset deployment schedules; you could easily both deploy back to back and not see each other for a year.

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I just retired from active Army Nurse Corps last year.  In the Army new nurses/NPs are usually stationed at MEDCENS.   Such as Fort Gordon,  Tripler, Walter Reed, places like that.  The keeping spouses together.  It is possible.  I have seen married couples both together and separated.   AF I do not know.  You would have to talk to the recruiter about that.   Also the "by then" part I am not tracking.  Are you going to be going in as an NP?  I am pretty sure you will need to be an NP prior to applying to be commissioned as an NP.   Good luck. 

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