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Aiken Tech Spring 2015

I am starting a tread for students applying for the Spring 2015 term. The deadline to submit your application is September 26, 2014. I am hoping we can help each other out and help answer questions. Good Luck to everyone!

Hello I am also applying for the spring term... Praying I get in!

BNEW89 ...Good luck to you! I will be applying for both programs the LPN and ADN. Will you be doing the same?

Yea I am planning on applying to both programs... I saw on some previous threads some people were called and asked which did they prefer. We should know something around the first week of November so hoping these next few months fly by.

That is what I read as well. I hope it will go by fast. I did not make it this fall. So I am super nervous for the next letters to go out. I think when school starts it will keep me busy enough.

Found your thread cakers45! I have finally gotten over not getting in the fall class. I am putting in for the lpn and rn in the spring. This wait is going to be worse than the fall i do believe!! Good luck to us all!

I've heard there is a way better chance of getting in in the Spring so I hope we all get in! I see that people were called and asked if they wanted lpn or rn maybe they will do that again this time at least then we will have an idea if we were accepted or not!

I read that as well. I am going to be on pins and needles waiting for a response. I feel like at the least I will make it into the LPN program. It will take a little longer to get that RN, but at least it will be a start. I can't wait to get a call or a letter...something!

Are any of you guys taking classes this semester?

​I am taking classes this fall. I did not take anything this summer. I stayed home with my kids. I am taking micro and another class next term. I forgot what else I signed up for....lol

I sent in my paperwork for the ADN and LPN program today. The deadline is the 26th of next month. Good luck everyone. Fingers crossed.

Time is passing very quickly and it will be here before we know it! It's almost September already !!

Hi all,

well its finally september and this is the month to put in our applications. I saw online that they extended the deadline for radiology and surgical techs because they didnt get enough applications! I hope this is a good sign for us in the spring. I am taking my psy 203 class this sememster. My advisor told me not to because they like all the nurses to take those classes together, but I am anyway because i cant stand doing nothing.....i need some advice, i have tod ecide whether to take the TEAS again or not. I scored really high in math but could do better in reading. The most i could get would be 2 more points, should i spend the $60.00 for 2 more points or just stick with the scores I have? Thanks for the advice!

I'm in the same boat... I did really well in reading but not the math. So I'm trying to decide whether to take the TEAS again to get a few more points.

It sounds like you did well on the TEAS. I guess for me it would depend on what the overall score is on the matrix (if you feel like 2 additional points would make a difference). I havent taken the TEAS yet but I plan to apply in a couple of weeks too. I am starting to get nervous already!!


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Was really disappointed when I did not get in for the fall, but giving up ! I am applying for the LPN and The ADN, praying that my GPA and teas scores are enough. I was told that the fall semester was the most competitive in years and the lowest points accepted was 36.I have 31 points w/o micro and my GPA is 3.6. I am taking micro and Sociology now and that is keeping me busy.

I did not retake the teas. I pray that I did not make a mistake. I also have 31 points. I applied for both ADN and LPN programs. I did pretty good on the teas and I do not really have 60 to waste, just in case I didn't do any better. I am crossing my fingers for all of us. I think we should hear something around mid November.

Cakers I am sure you will get in! Previous threads said they heard back the first week of November... I wonder how many people will apply.


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Cakers, I am with you !! I meant to say in my own post that I have not given up.. I turned in my apps. last Friday. The time will fly, and I have my daughters wedding to take care of any worry about getting into the ADN or LPN. My 31 points is without Micro and i hope this doesn't hurt me. I am taking it now. Love Dr. James.

I didnt retake the TEAS again either, didnt want to come off $60 and go thru that again. I am in the same boat as all of you. I promised myself i would concentrate on my class and not go running to the mail box every day. I am praying for us all! Fingers crossed!


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