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Aiken Tech ADN Fall 2017 hopefuls?


Anyone here applying in May for the Fall 2017 ADN program or LPN program with Aiken Tech?:rolleyes:

I applied for Aiken tech lpn to RN bridge program

Did you take the LPN course at Aiken Tech or somewhere else? I applied for both LPN and ADN programs.

I'm apply for Fall ADN 2017 program.. I have 34 points. Patiently waiting to hear back, how many points does everyone else have?

I applied for both with 40 points and a 3.9 GPA. I am super nervous and nonstop checking the mail. We should know something by the first week of July.

I don't think you will have any issues leonarda! I'm just nervous because I've heard of people getting in with 34 points, but then again it all depends on who all applies.

Thank you. 34 points is good. I've seen people getting in with 30-38 points. I was also told that people with 19-28 points have been applying so that is good for us :) A close friend of mine applied with 36 points. They said they had several hundred applications which makes me even more nervous.

That makes me so nervous! Who told you that many people applied?

I asked a lady in admissions when I submitted my applications. There were over 400 in the Spring and Fall usually receives more than the Spring.

That makes me so nervous now í ½í¸© I'm praying for a miracle. If not I will just apply again for the Spring 2018 term.

I'm super nervous too but 34 points is good. Try not to stress too much over it.

Thanks! Best of luck to you, but I'm sure you don't need it! Hopefully the beginning of July will come fast for us to hear something.

I sure hope July gets here soon and we get great news! Best of luck to you too :)

Have you already taken classes at Aiken Tech or are you a transfer?

I've only taken classes at Aiken Tech. After this semester I will only have one more pysch to take before graduation, I will probably take it next summer after my first nursing semester (if I get in). What about you?

I am a transfer. I am from Augusta, so I have been to Georgia Military College and Augusta University.

Have you already taken both A&P courses, math 110, psych 201, and English 101? What about Micro and a fine arts? I am currently taking my fine arts/elective, Music Appreciation (easiest class ever) and then will just have my second pysch and will be all done.

I have taken all of those classes. I am 21 so I have gotten all of the core classes out of the way. I've just been waiting to apply to a program!