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AHA CPR Instructor Business

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Does anyone have experience with becoming an AHA Certified BLS and HeartSaver CPR Instructor? I am looking to become certified and start my own business where I go to businesses and offices to certify people. I am confused with the information I got from the Training Center I have to take the class through. Once you take the class, are you allowed to go out on your own to businesses and teach the class? Or do you have to teach it at the TC or a certified Training Site? I'd like to hear from someone who has done this and how your got things rolling in your respected area. Thanks!

JustBeachyNurse, RN

Specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

Often you need to be affiliated with a training center unless you seek credentialing to become a training center.

I am currently researching this as well. After you do the class and are monitored doing your first class, you may proceed to offer services on your own. They told me I can not use the AHA logo and information on my personal information when I solicit as a business though. I'm in Georgia

Yes, I was aware that I needed to align myself with a training center; but do I have to teach it at the training center or can I go out and teach it on my own at my customers' location?

Hi Kimmie, did they tell you that you had to stay within a certain geographic area? I was reading the PAM and saw something about each Training Center having a geographic area and not being able to teach outside of that area. Are you going to teach at customers' location, or do you have to teach at the training center?

JustBeachyNurse, RN

Specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

Yes, I was aware that I needed to align myself with a training center; but do I have to teach it at the training center or can I go out and teach it on my own at my customers' location?

Check with the individual training center. Most allow you to teach on site at the customer. There may be region boundaries depending on the TC agreement with AHA.

They didn't say anything about boundaries. I will teach at different locations. However I the rooster is turned into the center. I'm guessing the center serves as a database at this point. Also being connected to the center gives you access to resources like testing material you will need.

When you say "different locations" do you mean the site where the customer is located (like a doctor's office or professional office, day care center, etc)? Or do you mean different training centers? Also, have you done any classes yet?

Yes, where the customer is located. One lady in my area did a class at Atlanta Bread Co. She just asked everyone to buy something! No I haven't done any classes yet.

Well I took the class today. No new CPR training, just going over class structure and how the TC works with setting up classes and payments, which is very confusing. The TC I took the class at charges a 38% charge on top of the AHA fee to take one of their classes, so that only leaves the instructor with less than $20/hour. I don't think I am going to align with this TC because they require 30 days notice to set up a class, and everyone that signs up has to sign up on their education website, so it's pretty much impossible to go out on your own with this particular TC.

The TS's I took my BLS and HeartSaver through were both aligned with the same TC, which is a different TC from my comments above. I'm going to try to align with the same TC since I know it's an option to go out on your own and list your own classes on the AHA website. I'm interested in hearing how others have done it and how their TC works. Kimmie, let me know how it goes for you! GL!

I am starting my own business as well. I am connected with a training center but the only requirement I have is to purchase my cards through them. I got my own LLC and compared what others were charging in my area and took it from there. I also purchased my own mannequins. Hope that helps.

Thanks Tanrn74! Good to know that is an option, just a matter of finding the right TC. How much do they charge you for the cards? Do they give the cards to you ahead of time (like buying blank cards), or do you have to request the cards after you teach the class? Also, did they say how they would handle the cards once the AHA switches to eCards? I also plan on buying my own mannequins and AED; and starting my own LLC.

For your LLC did you purchase Liability Insurance?

No I don't have Liability Insurance for my LLC. They charge me 3 bucks a card whether it's BLS ACLS or PALS I'm an instructor for all 3. I send over a list a head of time of my class n they email me the e cards so I have them available the day of , I also have a graphic designer who does all my advertising. I can take payment in any form. Also going rates in Washington DC area BLS 100 bucks 2 years n 180-200 for acls n pals. I can buy cards ahead of time as well. But with e card no longer have to do that.

That's awesome! The TC I took my course through charges $25 for card and then another 38% ($9.50) for a fee. If I align with them I get paid by them per hour, which is not what I want to do. Looking for a TC that has the same setup your TC has. Is your TC a hospital? I have heard they typically are more lenient with their instructors and don't try to micromanage enrollment or money. The TC I went through is a community college.

Hi Tarn,

I would like to know if you can share how you were able to market your business? Are you able to conduct classes full time?


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