AGH!!! Needle stick!!!


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I accidently stuck myself with a used needle today! :uhoh3: :scrying: I don't even know HOW I managed to do that. I had just given 3 needles to a family and was in the process of putting them in the sharps container when I stuck myself right in the knuckle of my right hand. (I know, I should dispose of them as I use them, which I NORMALLY do, but today was so zooish that I didn't. Go figure!) My skin is extremely dry lately, so although I felt the stick I assumed my skin had cracked. (denial I guess) It took a few minutes to realize that it was actually a perfectly round puncture instead of a jagged tear. By then it was too late, the family had already gone.

I'm not overly concerned, but have to follow protocol. I called the family and left a message for them. Here in Ontario they are required by law to give a sample if asked. I just want to find out if there's a risk. I also had my blood test done and will do it again in 3 months.

What a pain in the butt this is! :angryfire I'm so ticked at myself for being so careless and feel really foolish as well.

No advice needed, it's all under control. I just needed to vent. I came home for lunch today just to get out of there. To be honest, I don't want to go back but can't take the time off.



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least you followed protocol and taking the necessary steps. ya health is #1 priority


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I hope all turns out well, that is really a bad feeling wondering about what others may pass to is called Faith for a reason, put your trust in the Lord. And don't miss your follow up lab and follow up on the family being tested.

I am really going to have to look into the policy at my facility, I mean I know if i get a needlestick I have to rport it and go to ER for Labs etc. I don't know if they offer post exposure meds concerning HIV/AIDS I don't even know if there is anything you could do concerning hepatitis. I will have to ask my wife that is her specialty.

Sorry not trying to scare you just is a really important issue I need to look into.

Good Luck


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As far as I know you can get the hep b immunoouglobin-sp, but youhave to get it within a specifoc time frame for effectiveness, I think 7 days.

Also, dont forget to protect your partner, condoms! you would feel awful if you passed something on even if you THINK theres a low risk.


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I spoke with the mom yesterday after I posted my original post here. Turns out she's a nurse herself and has had all her hep shots. She was tested for HIV when she was pregnant and has had the same partner for over 20 years. Her kids as well have had their hep B shots. So my risk factor has gone down considerably. Not sure what steps I will take next tho....I'm going to have to talk to my boss.

Brandy, I didn't know about the hep b immunoglobulin, I'll have to check into that one. I had my Hep B shots 17 or 18 years ago...I wonder if I still have any immunity? My blood tests should tell me.

CCU NRS, I know about the HIV meds (can't remember the name) unfortunatly they are extremely expensive and not covered by anything here. (and I don't have a drug plan at work) We can't afford that, my hubby is still in school and I'm the one supporting the family. I am putting my trust in the Lord, I guess that's one of the reasons why I didn't panic and am still calm about it. I'm concerned, but I know that He's in control no matter what.

BTW, I finally figured out why I got stuck. I suffer from hypoglycemia. When the needle stick happened, my blood sugar was just starting to drop, which left me a little bit shaky and uncoordinated. I didn't realize it at the time but did a short while later. I ate a cookie and felt immediately better. I've only just been diagnosed so I guess I don't know all the early symptoms yet. Now, if i could only figure how HOW I managed to stick myself in the back of the hand. :rolleyes:



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Here's the latest: I got my blood work back....I am immune to Hep B...which surprises me considering I had my vaccines a LONG time ago and I haven't had any contact with Hep C. The HIV will be a few more days because it is sent to the public health lab and they are notoriously slow.



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