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What is the common opinion about agency nursing, no mandatory overtime, no mandatory holidays, flexible schedules, it seems like a worthwhile employment idea. Who has had good or bad experience w/ it? What do you think I should do?

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I love agency nursing, it works for me because : More money, flexible scheduling, choice of hospitals and units to work in, diversity in skills learned, the down side is if you don't work you don't get paid, no holidays, sick pay, vacation, my agency does have 401K and insurance if you need it. It isn' t for everyone, many people don't like change, they like to know where they are going to be, with agency you don't know until you walk in the door. Before I went agency only I signed on while working staff, I came to realize how much I loved working agency, I recommend anyone who is thinking about it start out before you quit your regular job then you will know.


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I worked as an agency nurse in MD for 1.5years. I loved it because I made a lot of money and made my own schedule. It isn't the easiest job because you have to get used to being in strange places and learning new equipment. You can't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. I got pulled a lot and also got "dumped on" occasionally (ie the agency nurse gets the scabies AND the TB patient) but I truly liked agency work. I saw a lot and learned a lot. It gave me the opportunity to branch out from the ICU and try ER and telemetry. That always looks good on a resume.:)

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