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  1. I was told at my agency that there is no need for physicals anymore, only upon hiring. All that's needed is your PPD. I thought that was odd for nurses. Has anyone else heard of this?????
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  3. by   FHE3

    That is absurd! JCAHO guidlines are very strict and unambiguous on this issue. Contract nurses are to have an ANNUAL physical as well as a PPD skin test (or chest x-ray).

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  4. by   nur20
    Thank you FHE3. I felt it was absurd too. I don't know why they told me that but i'm certainly going to find out!!!!!
  5. by   MassLPN
    I've needed a PPD yearly, a physical within the year, on date of hire. Then physical every 2 years after that. I think this is fairly new, the 2 year thing that is.

    The home care agency I signed on with needed a PPD, and said the 'new ruling' said all I had to do was sign a form indicating I was free of communicable diseases.. I questioned this, but they assured me it was all in 'the books'.
  6. by   FHE3

    That is interesting information. Question: How would one KNOW that they were free from communicable diseases, if they were not actually TESTED?! Perhaps there are different guidelines for home health nurses.

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  7. by   nur20
    Guess what guys!! I don't care what they say, i'm having my physical with all the works and having it placed in my file.It is protection for me as well as the client. Seems as though they are not concerned with either. There guidelines are not mine
  8. by   MassLPN
    I agree. It seems that, with the exception of the PPD that's required, they have no idea of what my health would be like. I always have a yearly physical, and could provide documentation at any point in time.

    It seems to be more of a CYA thing on their parts. By signing the paperwork that they asked me to, and doing so honestly, I did what was required of me, by them. The way I see it, if they are in the wrong, it's their licensing and certifications in jeopardy, not mine. All the same, it is a bit odd, I do have to agree..
  9. by   Teshiee
    I say cover thy self. I get a yearly done as well. It will benefit you in the long run.
  10. by   caduca
    Actually, I wanted to just jump in here with a little more information. JCAHO does a fantastic job of providing guidance to healthcare institutions on the minimum standards of patient care. However, the regulatory agency that dictates the majority the issues surrounding our health as employees is OSHA. For healthcare personnel, the following are required:
    - TB screening (PPD or CXR with appropriate questionnaire) must be offered unless a current TB screening is a condition of hire
    - Hep B must be offered unless a current Hep B vaccine is a condition of hire
    - MMR if born after 1957 is highly recommended
    - Varicella is highly recommended
    - Physical exam before returning to the work force in the event of a change in physical status (pregnancy, injury, etc) to determine if "fit for duty"
    - Ergonomics training (body mechanics) is not a requirement anymore, but usually encouraged by insurance carriers of the employer
    - All pertinent training for fire safety, PPE, infection control, etc.
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